Dakota Johnson Shows Concern Over Her Friend Johnny Depp’s Finger in Old Viral Video

Much of the world has been following the controversial defamation trial between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard. The entire world has been given unprecedented access to the musings and testimonies of these two high-profile stars and their accounts of everything that transpired in their relationship. But more than just the everyday developments of the trial, many who are following the case are now bringing up public events of the past that may help shed some light on the matter.

An old video of Dakota Johnson showing concern for her friend Johnny Depp regarding his finger has resurfaced on the internet and has gone viral. It’s been well-documented by people following the case that Depp nearly sustained an entirely severed finger due to the alleged abuse that he suffered at the hands of Heard.

When Heard first released her op-ed, Depp was on the receiving end of backlash from people worldwide, especially women who were at the forefront of pushing for women’s rights. Although, much circumstantial evidence has come to light that paints Johnny as the victim of the situation.

A Concerned Friend

Back in 2015, Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp starred in a movie called Black Mask, where the two developed a healthy friendship with one another. The two were doing press tours to promote the film.

And a video during one particular press junket at the Venice Film Festival, the two shared a moment that was captured on camera and caught the attention of many fans. The video immediately went viral at that time and has since resurfaced on various platforms, especially TikTok, now that the Heard-Depp case is reaching its peak.

In the video, Johnson can be seen visibly inquiring about Depp’s finger. Depp responds in a seemingly humorous manner, detailing the circumstances that may have led to his injuries. Johnson laughs at his response and sits back in her chair. However, it was noted by many who saw the video that Johnson wasn’t totally buying the explanation that Depp had given her and that he was covering something up. Depp shrugged it off but was visibly uncomfortable at everything that had just transpired.

Support for Johnny

While the world may still be somewhat divided on the issue, there has been an overwhelming surge of support for Johnny in his quest for justice. Many of the people following the case on the internet seem to believe Johnny’s version of events more than Amber’s.

This is a critical case in the modern feminist era where various prominent men have been subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse accusations. Fans see Johnny as a perfect representation of how men can also be victims of abusive relationships.

Share Your Thoughts

What do you think about everything that’s going on? Amber may have her side of the story, but do you think she’s telling the truth? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below.


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  1. Amber is an arrogant woman with a toxic destructive personality disorder. Not that Johnny is an angel but he has had poor taste in women…. Likely choosing looks over what is inside.
    She is washed up…. And continues to seek fame regardless of the destruction in her path.
    She gives “womens rights” a bad name!!!

  2. I think she lied on the stand faked a lot. I have never considered Johnny abusive just made a bad choice in her. She on the other hand I think was the abusive one in the family

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