Eve Barlow asks Johnny Depp why He is Not Telling his Fans to Stop Abu$ing her Online

The famous Depp-Heard trial was concluded on May 2, 2022, when the jury decided that Amber Heard defamed her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, and imposed a heavy fine of 10 million dollars on the Aquaman actress.

Throughout the trial, the majority of people stood with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor and kept bashing Amber Heard for making false accusations against their favorite star.

Not just Amber, people also criticized all those celebrities, activists, and news anchors who supported her during the case. One of these few voices was the famous music journalist Eve Barlow.

The 36-year-old journalist had been subjected to online abuse for strongly supporting Heard during the case.

Barlow had also attended a couple of court hearings but was asked not to when the court officials were informed that she was texting and tweeting the case details during live proceedings.

The journalist has been under constant scrutiny by the Johnny Depp supporters, and she has been heavily criticized for taking Amber’s side.

Two days ago, Eve took to her Twitter again and shared her concerns about the hate she received from Depp’s fans. She also stated that she wonders why Johnny Depp has not asked her fans to stop this online abuse. 

She further said that,

 “The main gripe they seem to have, however, is that we keep posting,” she wrote in another tweet. “That’s the harm. They want us to shut up. They want us to not speak. They want to take away our voice. This trial might be the first to be determined by social media. A true failure of justice.”

Although she turned off her comments, the tweet was quote-tweeted several times, and people attacked her, once again.

“These are extremists, NOT fans. Just as I’m sure those attacking Depp aren’t Amber’s responsibility (exactly why she’s not told them to stop). The response to #DeppvsHeard and the evidence of Heard abusing Depp and lying about being a victim has upset millions of people.”  A person wrote.  

“It’s not Johnny Depp’s responsibility to clean up your mess publicly. He’s busy moving forward.”  Another person replied.

“You’re dramatically over-exaggerating everything. Enough with the bull$hit. Please stop already!!!!”  A user commented.

Previously the journalist called out Heard’s haters for not believing her claims against Johnny Depp while criticizing a TikTok trend that mocked the Aquaman actress.

“Listen, anyone protecting the TikTok abu$e of Amber Heard is acting in bad faith,” she wrote on Twitter on May 9, 2022.

“You can’t argue that it doesn’t have a chilling effect on survivors from coming forward. Anyone actively mocking testimony about abuse is contributing to that silencing. Period.”


Eve Barlow on Twitter

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  1. Eve Barlow was thrown out of court by judge.She also a lot of front complaining about the way she is being treated online when she has instigated most of the comments directed at her. Just check her twitter messages or at least the ones that haven’t been deleted 🤷 LIARS RUN TOGETHER LOL .
    Amber Heard was found to have been lying about her domestic abuse claims. She tried to ruin his life and career. The fact she is being made a laughing stock on social media is fully justified.She was the perpetrator of abuse and maybe just maybe if she admitted to the lies and fraud she committed for 6 yrs the online condemnation would ease off and eventually stop.


  2. It’s not his job to control what other CHOOSE to say or post to you. Your in that line of work it’s to be expected, people are mean but it’s their own choice and it’s nobodies job to stop it.

  3. All I can say about this is that I never abused anybody for supporting Heard. I don’t really care. I’m on Team Johnny so it’s not my problem if someone brings stuff on themselves when they didn’t have to.

  4. He has no control over what people say. He won the case fair and square. It’s not his job to stop people and most of it he is probably not aware of any way.

  5. Amber heard has tried to destroy this man. And YOU tried to help.
    Anyone who knows of him has NEVER heard anything but what a good and Generous person he is.
    And in all these years has never heard anything from any woman about him being abusive.
    So your getting what you deserve for trying to do a smear campaign on him.

    1. She doesn’t deserve abuse though. Makes noone better than whats happening. Honestly everyone is entitled to an opinion hers was to believe Heard even if it wasn’t all true. This is Eves job, she had to do her job.
      #noonesside #3sidestoastoryhesherstruth #nooneisinnocentthere

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