Flight Attendant Saves Couple’s Honeymoon After Wife Leaves Passport at Home

A couple’s honeymoon almost got canceled when the wife forgot her passport at home.

A woman flew from San Juan, Puerto Rico, with her husband Joe in February. However, after reaching the airport, Lawyrn realized that she had left her passport at home, and without it, she could not go on their honeymoon.

Then, a Delta flight attendant, Dusty Dills, decided to help the worried couple and came to their rescue. He and his team members attempted to retrieve the woman’s passport from where she had left it.

According to the company’s Facebook post, Silver Medallion Member Lawyrn F. and her husband Joe were traveling from Detroit to San Juan, where they were set to board a honeymoon cruise the next day.

“Just after take-off, Lawryn realized she’d left her passport at home. She was inconsolable on the flight: Without the passport, she couldn’t board the cruise. And the couple couldn’t find a way to get the passport to San Juan in time,” the post read.

That’s when flight attendant Dusty Dills stepped forward and offered to help the couple as they were super worried about their honeymoon plans which seemed to have been ruined at that moment.

Dusty said he would retrieve the passport in Detroit when Lawyrn had left it, bring it to Atlanta, and give it to a crew member who was scheduled to travel to San Juan the same day.

“Rallying colleagues hundreds of miles apart to save the couple’s once-in-a-lifetime trip.”

“We were so touched and grateful — a renewed faith in humanity was the best wedding gift. We owe our post-wedding bliss to Dusty and the Delta family!” said the relieved couple, all smiles after the fiasco.

“Dusty and the rest of the Delta crew that turned things around for Lawryn and Joe are a true representation of our goal to make your experience the best it can be – because the journey is always about more than the destination.”

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Source: Delta Air Lines on Facebook

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