How To Know If Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship

Relationships end. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened with yours as well. You feel devastated at having lost an opportunity to have that forever kind of love. You are sad that a person who once meant the world to you is no longer in your life. You are struggling to get back on your feet and piece your heart back together.

And you are also trying to make sense of everything that happened in your relationship. In your mind, this is the only way you will ever be able to find closure.

But then, you find out from someone that your ex has already gotten into a relationship with someone else.

You are shocked at this news. You are surprised because you are still feeling the remnants of the heartbreak but your ex seems to have jumped back on the wagon. You just can’t bring yourself to believe that they have moved on so quickly. And the thought of your ex just getting into a rebound relationship crosses your mind.

But is that really the case? Is your ex just using this new relationship as a coping mechanism for the heartbreak from your failed romance?

You’re not totally convinced that this is the case. Your ex seems like they’re very happy and they seem to be enjoying their new relationship a lot. You get the sense that your ex is really committed to making this new relationship work. And it’s because of that that you have difficulty believing that this is just a mere rebound relationship.

But you’re confused. Everyone around you is saying that it’s probably a rebound and that you shouldn’t be paying it any mind. But you still have to do some digging on your own because your instincts are telling you otherwise.

It’s not an easy thought to stomach – the idea of your ex just falling in love with someone else. It is even more difficult when you know that you still have some really strong feelings for your ex. You might even want them back. That’s why it’s tempting for you to find comfort in the theory that it’s merely a rebound relationship. But you still can’t tell for sure.

Your mind is constantly running. It’s debating with itself. You tell yourself that it’s probably a rebound but you still can’t shake the possibility that it isn’t. And it’s practically driving you crazy with how you’re obsessing over this. It’s definitely keeping you from moving on in a healthy and natural manner.

If you are having trouble figuring out whether your ex has really moved on or not, then just read on until the end of the article. By the time you finish, you will have gained a better perspective on the matter and you will have some sense of closure about your situation.

1. How long has your ex been in this new relationship?

Simply enough, the longer that they stay in this new relationship, the likelier it is that it’s not just a mere rebound. Usually, rebound relationships don’t really last that long. They are merely tools that some people use to get over the difficulties and challenges that accompany heartbreaks and separations. That’s why they don’t typically last because they aren’t built on sturdy foundations.

However, if the relationship really does show evidence of longevity, then it’s likely that it isn’t just a rebound relationship after all. It might be the real deal. And in this case, it would be better for you to move on to something new as well.

2. How soon after the breakup did your ex get into a new relationship?

The shorter the amount of time that your ex waited to get into a new relationship, then the likelier it is to be a rebound. However, if they waited an appropriate amount of time before they put themselves back on the dating market, then it probably isn’t a rebound.

A breakup is a difficult thing to recover from. We all heal at our own individual paces. However, it’s unlikely for anyone to be okay within a week of breaking up with someone. And that’s why when an ex gets into a new relationship after just a short period of time, chances are that it’s merely a rebound.

3. What do you do if they are in a rebound relationship?

If your ex really is in a rebound relationship, then you have to make sure to establish the no-contact rule. If you want your ex back, then you have to be able to give them their space. Allow them to be their own person. Let them make their own mistakes. If you want any chance of getting back together, you can’t force the issue right away. Once you have let them had their fun, then maybe you can slowly inch your way back into their life.

But if you’re okay with them just moving on in life, then the same rule applies. Have no contact with them. Both of you are trying to move on and heal in your own individual capacities. You shouldn’t be doing anything to stop that.

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