How To Know You’re In A Relationship That’s Built To Last According To Psychologists

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You may not even realize it right away, but when you are in a relationship with someone you love for a long time, then that relationship and person may start changing how you view the world. It gives you a whole new lens that affords you a new perspective on life. And not only does it change your worldview, but a relationship can fundamentally change and alter who you are as a person too.

In fact, when you get close enough to a person, you can get an inspired way of just approaching the tasks that you force yourself to tackle on a daily basis. According to leading psychologists, people who are very tightly knit are able to impart huge pieces of themselves into one another to the point wherein they are both growing to become different and similar at the same time.

This is the kind of intimacy and closeness that a lot of couples who are in love aspire to have. And how do you know if your relationship is built to have this level of affection and passion? How do you know if you are in the kind of relationship that is actually built to stand the test of time? Well, here are a few signs as indicated by psychologists.

1. You and your partner have somehow gradually developed a language exclusively used only by the two of you.

The very fact that you are able to talk to one another in ways that only the two of you can understand is a testament to just how close you really are to each other. Remember that communication is a very important aspect of building a long-lasting relationship. Communication has the power to bridge substantial gaps and to bring people closer. And the great thing about communication is that it can take its shape in so many different ways. Sometimes, a simple hug or a pat on the back will be enough to convey a message that’s worth a million words. When you are able to communicate with one another effectively using the least amount of words possible. It’s a shine that you have a very strong relationship dynamic going on.

2. You take a no holds barred and uncensored approach to expressing yourselves when you’re alone with one another.

Typically speaking, you would always try to adjust how you behave or how you talk depending on the people you are with. You always tend to project a subdued version of yourself when you’re interacting with people because you would never want to give anyone a glimpse into what you’re really like out of fear of being judged. But it’s different with your partner. You feel like you don’t have to portray a tapered down version of yourself because you know that your partner is going to love and accept you regardless.

3. You share lots of little inside jokes and intimate little secrets.

Humor and intimacy don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, it can spell absolute wonders for a relationship. Remember that as you get deeper and deeper into your relationship, it’s very important for you to be building on your intimacy with each other. Intimacy is what binds you closer and closer together as a couple. It’s what strengthens the emotional bubble that the both of you are floating in together. But also, the pressure can get the best of you at times, and you need to loosen up. This can be done with humor. In the end, it’s all about making one another happy. And if you are constantly able to make one another laugh in the relationship, that is always a good sign.

4. You start talking similarly.

Another great sign that you have a relationship that is built to last is when the both of you start talking similarly. There are plenty of times wherein boyfriends and husbands will get mistaken for their girlfriends and wives while texting with someone because of how similarly they communicate. That is a great indicator that couples are really close and that they communicate constantly whenever they start inheriting one another’s communication habits. If you start naturally saying random words or phrases that your partner typically uses a lot, then that’s a sign that you are really starting to talk similarly and that your relationship is really built to last.

5. You start looking like the same person too.

Not only are you talking similarly, but you start looking alike too. Not too say that the similarities are going to be anatomical per se. But there will be substantial similarities with how you carry yourselves. Your body language is practically going to be the same and you might even be dressing up with similar styles as well. This is your way of unknowingly influencing one another to look like each other. 

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