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14 little Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend for

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You don’t thank him enough for these little things!

When two people express their feelings for each other and agree that they should be together, they form a relationship. Believe it or not, this is actually the easiest part. Mustering up the courage to confess, risking the fear of rejection and the fear of awkward conversations from there on; is all nothing in comparison to what’s going to happen next i.e. making your relationship grow.

Growth is what keeps a relationship going; every day is a new day to do something to make your partner feel better. With that being said, while helping a relationship to grow is both the man and the woman’s obligation (if they love each other), but the little things your boyfriend sometimes does just to make you feel better aren’t an obligation.

Before the angry comments come pouring in, let’s take a moment to actually understand what I said. Of course it’s your boyfriend’s responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. I mean, that counts in helping the relationship to grow, doesn’t it? However, taking his opinion on a dress a million times and making you list all the pro’s and con’s or draw a pie chart, just to change into something else, isn’t what he’s obligated to do for you. Do you see what I mean?

The truth is, sometimes our partners do so much for us which we disregard as nothing too fancy and don’t appreciate them enough for. I’m sure that you’ve been in a situation with your boyfriend before where you feel like even though he’s being silly, you should do it since it makes him happy. I’m not talking monstrous requests here, just simple things which, although time-consuming and pointless, make him feel good about it.

This list highlights some of the most common things that women do and their boyfriends put up with, that too with a smile. Things which mean something to you, yet you don’t thank them enough for doing since it won’t do you two any bad if you chose to skip it. So, without further ado, things you should thank your boyfriend for:

  1. Listening to you talk about that petty one-sided fight as if it were World War III:

Your boyfriend hasn’t said it, but I can: there was no fight, you have no arch nemesis, and you were basically annoyed by them breathing. People, including myself, can be so petty that it amazes me.

The war you’re mapping out in your mind might have started out as something considerably moderate, yet you decided to blacklist them for all of eternity. Somewhere deep down, you might or might not actually know that you’re being petty.

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However, sometimes while talking about a situation, we tend to exaggerate little things and the other person can clearly tell that we’re being petty while we just think that it’s justified. – Continue reading on next page

Your boyfriend has to put up with you talking about things which haven’t happened yet. Things like you being a big-shot while you’re actually a hamster. Seriously, they aren’t supposed to sit there for almost an hour just to hear you vent about something childish. They actually choose to ask you about your day even though they know what the response will be.

They could’ve just avoided asking or tell you to stop being so immature, yet they didn’t because they know that it means a lot to you to hear them out. They willingly become someone you vent out your frustration to, you think that this is part of the relationship package but it’s not. He’s doing it because he likes to know and loves to hear you.

Speaking for myself, I can go on and on about that girl from work who won’t stop chewing pencils and actually has the nerve to ask me for one and then chew it. How dare she, right? Boyfriends have to hear stories crazier than this.

2. For accepting that you can never be on time:

A lot of men can be late too; however, women are more likely to skip deadlines over something silly. You two had to go out somewhere at 6:00 pm and it is now currently 6:15 pm yet you’re nowhere to be seen. He will tell you to hurry it up because it isn’t your most adorable quality. Yet, you’ll never see him actually angry about it.

Sure it’s annoying, but he accepted that. You might not even realise this, but sometimes they give us the time of an hour or so earlier than the actual time. They will point this out to you, but they won’t have a fight with you about it. Even them pointing it out is in a calm-ish manner.

We leave things to the absolute last-minute and then won’t even hurry anything along because we don’t want to. They have to literally drag us or convince us to do stuff on time.

3. Telling us we look beautiful even though we do not:

I will be completely savage throughout this post. It’s the things your BOYFRIEND does, not the things your content writer says. Let me tell you right now that it isn’t cute at all how you walk around like a slob and are okay with it.

I admit that we can’t be expected to cake our faces every day, but we do stop putting in an effort after sometime in the relationship, particularly when we live with them. While reading this, maybe you’re just thinking that it’s never happened to you. Let’s take a test, shall we?

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Are you and your boyfriend in a good place right now? Proceed further if you answered yes.– Continue reading on next page

Did your boyfriend call you pretty or any of its synonyms today? Things which implied towards it also count. Proceed further if you answered yes.

How long has it been since you showered/ properly combed your hair/ wore clothes that weren’t slacks?

Fun game. The point is that your boyfriend makes an effort to make you feel like you’re really pretty even on days when you aren’t. Replying with a simple aw does not justify how adorable the situation is. Look at it this way; he didn’t just say it because you were pressuring him to say it or you were in a bad mood that day. He said it because he genuinely loves you and thinks that you’re beautiful no matter what.

Ladies, I urge you to appreciate your boyfriends when they do such a gesture. I can’t force you to go all out on looking good every day, particularly since I’m too lazy to do it myself, but at the very least you can put in some effort to look moderately okay.

Take some days where you look exceptionally well and some days when you don’t. If your boyfriend isn’t obligated to do stuff but he does anyway, then you should do a little for him too.

4. When you constantly nag him about things you shouldn’t:

Sometimes we see things that aren’t really there. I wish I were talking about ghosts, but sadly I am talking about misinterpretation on our part. No one, and I literally mean no one, is completely secure about themselves in someone else’s life.

I say secure instead of no one trusts their partner because I actually know of a lot of people who completely trust their partners. With that being said, we don’t usually trust ourselves to be the absolute best that they can find.

We see so many people around them and while we’re sure that he won’t give them a second glance, they might. It’s sorta frustrating like how can no one see me holding his hand, he’s mine go away. All jokes aside, we get insecure and start to think that maybe they will and should leave us. We constantly need his reassurance and that might get annoying after the first few 100 times.

They’re with you for a reason; they love you. To be honest, if they do leave you for someone ‘better’, then you’re better off without them. That’s a whole other article, this one here focuses on things they do that you should appreciate them for. So, appreciate them for the fact that they have to remind you of how much they love you. – Continue reading on next page

5. Shedding hair:

Men have a pitiable excuse for hair. Women have luscious long locks. Men do not shed hair. Women shed hair. The upside is balanced by the downside, leaving us to be at a zero in both of these situations.

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We’re talking about women right now and women have a lot of hair on their head. The hair is long and easily detectable i.e if you and your boyfriend live together, then he must have seen the clump of hair.

You do not do it intentionally (obviously) but you do it nevertheless. You can’t be expected to walk around the house wearing a hair net. You don’t even think that you need one because he’s never said anything about it.

Why would he? It’s honestly not your fault. It might get disgusting and weird, but he doesn’t say anything. Appreciate that man. He is the type to not lash out on you on something that you aren’t doing on purpose.

A hair fall shampoo might mean that you’ll have some control over it and he might subtly give you that, but he’ll never make you feel like you’re disgusting to him.

6. Getting along with your family and/or friends:

A relationship is meant to be between two people and two people only. If you open your relationship up to more and more people to help you make decisions etc., you’ll eventually lose control of the relationship.

That being said, sometimes we want someone like a friend or a family member to be involved just because they mean a lot to us. Your partner is in no way obligated to put up with that third person. You can’t even guilt him into it because it’s wrong. They obviously have their reasons as to why not just like you have reasons as to why you should put in an effort. – Continue reading on next page

It might not be an obligation; however, it is certainly not frowned upon either. If your boyfriend puts in an effort to be nice to your friends and family etc., it only shows how willing he is to make you happy. He won’t actually want them to interfere in your relationship, but he’s willing to do this since you have a close bond with them.

Often, what happens is that your boyfriend and your friends or family are in complete separate worlds. They’re both fine with each other in general, but the common factor i.e. you have to juggle both of them simultaneously. This can prove to be quite hectic so be glad that your boyfriend is willing in doing what he’s doing.

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7. Agreeing to redo a perfectly good picture JUST because you find a little fault in it:

In the 21st century, this is perfectly normal to do. You want a good picture and so is your right. Does your boyfriend want to redo a shot just for your Instagram followers? Maybe, maybe not… lean more towards the not. The thing is that people tend to not stop at 2; in fact there is no limit as to how many pictures you need to take before the perfect one.

If only there was though. Anyway, you have to make your boyfriend stay in the exact same way or change poses so many times that he will say stop.

Eventually, yes. However, he doesn’t say that until you reach the hundreds. He’s actually just doing as you say. How sweet is that? – Continue reading on next page


8. Putting up with you and you know you’re a mess:

No one knows us better than ourselves. So, if I admit that I’m insane then you best believe it. We know ourselves well enough to determine what type of person we are. For example; even the snobbiest of people know that they’re snobs.

You might think that the superior attitude comes naturally to them, but it doesn’t. Everyone knows themselves better; they might try to hide their flaws and why wouldn’t they? But, that’ll admit it to them at least.

You can tell for yourself how your boyfriend might perceive you. He might think you’re a tad bit selfish or not as funny as you think. Everyone’s different. Just take a second to actually think about how much he has to tolerate in you.

How much does he overlook? How hard some moments with you might be for him? Most importantly, how he doesn’t make you feel like it affects him.

Even the people who are crazy in love can sometimes get a little annoyed with their partner. However, they choose to overlook it. They might point it out very subtly to you, but other than that, unless you’re too extreme, they won’t give you a tough time for it.

Your boyfriend can just outwardly tell you that you’re a snob, but he doesn’t because he knows that you mean no harm by it. He isn’t obligated to let you off the hook, yet he does. That’s the beauty of a loving and caring relationship; two people accept each other as however they might be.

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You might be thinking that he should tell her all of her flaws so that she can fix them, he definitely should tell her but in a calm manner. Seriously, it isn’t harming anyone. Besides, when two people notice flaws in each other, they try their best to mend them. They try to make their partner a better person and their partner them.

It’s the whole cycle of things that keeps a relationship going. On the first few dates, we just want to have a good time thus we don’t highlight anything that’s wrong with us. Over time, they come out and if your boyfriend accepts you for the person that you are, then you better keep him. – Continue reading on next page

9. Supporting you no matter what:

Support is key if your relationship needs to grow, yet I said that this article focuses on the things which do not help your relationship to grow by a huge amount, it’s just about the things your boyfriend does to make you feel better. Allow me to clarify; you two should support each other all the way. However, what decisions should you two support?

Having a difference of opinion when it comes to current affairs, politics etc. is perfectly normal. There moments when you have an absurd idea and he decides to go with it that counts. I’m not talking anything potentially life threatening here (or am I?).

I mean all of those things which you want to do and don’t necessarily need him on board for it but he decides to go on board anyway because he loves you.

You want to pursue a different job and quit the well-paying job that you have now. The circumstances count. Do you two have kids? Is he making enough to live by? And so on. However, if the circumstances are in your favor, then you should go for it. Your boyfriend is someone you share everything with.

The idea of quitting a well-paying job might seem absurd at first but he does realize that it’s your life and your money. He decides to back you up anyway even though he isn’t bound to. He might still think that it’s a bad idea but he’ll never stop supporting you.

A prime example is when you have a bad day which is a result of the absurd decision that you took. Instead of telling you that he was right all along, he sees that you’re hurting right now and don’t need someone to tell you how wrong you were.

He sits by you and talks to you. He makes you feel like everything will be okay. That’s the kind of guy you should consider as the one. – Continue reading on next page

10. Being whiny:

Even the oldest people can be a little immature. That’s because maturity doesn’t come with age, it comes with your thinking. That’s a little too serious; I’m talking about immaturity to the extent to kicking a couch after you stubbed your toe… and then crying about it.

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All of us can act childish at least once a day. Thus, we need an adult to help us make decisions. That adult can be your boyfriend. He sees and realizes that whatever you’re doing is stupid. However, instead of face palming really hard and walking out of the room, he stays and tells you it’ll be okay.

He listens to you whine about the smallest of things and actually adds into the conversation with you. He’ll literally be willing to talk to you about any and everything without complaining. If you ask me, a man who tolerates is a man who stays.

11. Watching clichГ© romantic comedies:

Let me guess the last romantic comedy movie you saw. Was it the one where the girl is really conflicted between a jerk and a good guy? Ultimately, ends up with the good guy? Oh yeah, I’ve seen that one too. Every once in a while, we want to see something really clichГ©. They don’t want to see it yet they agree to see it just because we say so a few billion times.

Obviously, the movie is clichГ© otherwise it wouldn’t be in the genre. As you’re leaving the theatre he actually sparks up a conversation with you about the movie. Watching a movie with you fulfilled all of his boyfriend demands. Talking about it and agreeing to watch another one with you wasn’t in his to-do list.

He actually stayed awake throughout the movie and didn’t whine about it. He might be faking his interest, but he’s putting in a lot of effort anyway. Even if you plan to watch a movie at home, he’ll clear out his schedule for two hours. That’s all it takes, two hours of time. He knows that it’ll make you happy so he agrees to it. He agrees to do it even though it’s an awful movie. True love. – Continue reading on next page

12. Letting you know everything about him:

You should tell your partner a fair lot about yourself, but you aren’t obligated to let it all out. Everyone comes with baggage and some things are better left unpacked. It doesn’t make them a jerk; it makes them normal human beings.

I’m pretty sure there are/were some things that we aren’t entirely comfortable with revealing. Your boyfriend wasn’t pressurized into telling you all of the things he was holding back, he just felt like it was the right thing to do.

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Over time, two people can either come closer together or get further apart. The relationship can go strong or break apart. Once your partner feels like he can trust you enough, he’ll tell you more and more things about himself. No conversation starts from your side about this because you weren’t aware of what he had to tell.

He starts the conversation by himself and lets you know whatever there is. Things to tell are divided on different levels of trust. More trust, more intense the secret would be. You don’t and shouldn’t force them into telling you anything until they feel like they’re at a point with you where they can reveal these things.

Whatever the secret might be, you need to realise that the only reason why he told you in the first place and not anyone else is because he trusts you and actually to a point of telling you something that left you completely baffled.

I can’t tell you what to do but you need to be there for them. Console them and care for them because once they come out with it, it’s actually your obligation to make them feel normal again. That’s called growth, at this point.

13. Making you feel on top of the world:

Love is necessary and so is care. Some people display it better than other people, but the principle stays the same. In a genuine relationship, two people love each other with all of their heart.

You need to have a genuine relationship if you ever see yourself ending up with your partner. There are a lot of necessary things to do such as consoling you on a bad day, making you smile and helping you out. Taking notice of the little things is also necessary.

The reason why this made the list was because not all women feel like they’re on top of the world. The whole feeling is something wat more than what words can describe. You can just tell that you aren’t there yet.

You aren’t exactly in a sad place or anything, but you don’t feel like you’re on top of the world. When your boyfriend goes all out and I mean do things he isn’t obligated to do, he eventually makes you feel like you couldn’t be happier. That’s when you finally determine that he’s the one.

He stays with you, after all the things on this list that you do, he stays with you. He does things that not everyone is willing to do just because they don’t want to put in more effort. Everyone has their own approach to things. Your boyfriend is willing to do more just for you. – Continue reading on next page

14.They are willing to go through thick and thin

Let me be completely honest, everyone does things which might possibly be unnecessary to our partners. But, since they aren’t unnecessary to us, we don’t think twice about it. If you’re in a happy relationship than odds are that your partner never made it feel like anyone of your requests, habits or talks was useless, pointless or unnecessary.

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Just the fact that they were willing to go through with whatever it was that you were doing, and we all know how annoying we can get, really speaks for a lot in itself. While all of this isn’t going to help your relationship grow by a substantial amount, since you disregard it, but it might help a lot if you tell your partner that you appreciate everything they do.

We all know ourselves better than anyone else can possibly ever know us, we know that we’re hard to handle and just the fact that someone chose to stick around with us even after they experienced moments where we felt like crawling up in a hole for eternity, is proof enough of love. Love is nothing, if not tolerating me when I say stupid stuff.


At the end of the day, all I can tell you to do is to appreciate your partner. They might not be doing everything on this list, but if they’re doing even one thing here then you should appreciate them. These are binding laws and your partner can just as easily get out of doing any of these without taking any blame. Yet, he doesn’t do that. Appreciate your man and do more for him too.

Keep your relationship strong and going by letting them feel like you’re happy and by showing them that you’re putting in an effort to make them happy too. No one enters a relationship only to have their hearts broken later on, they enter one because they’re feelings were strong for each other and that’s what counts.

Never lose sight of what really matters: each other. Once you stop caring, nothing can ever fix what you two had. You’ll find yourself reminiscing about the good old happy days and feeling sorry for ever messing it up. Just as much as he’s obligated to, so are you to make the relationship be a happy one. Everyone has up’s and down’s, a happy couple is one which restricts those downs till non-existence.