If They Don’t Work For Your Love, Then They Aren’t Worthy Of It

If you’re with someone who doesn’t love you in a conscious and active manner; if they are lazy with regards to how they love you, then it isn’t really true love. And you need to walk away from that.

We are often made sure to be aware of the fact that relationships are never designed to be easy. And that’s true. Relationships aren’t always going to be as simple as we would like them to be. And the reason why relationships are so difficult is because love in itself isn’t easy. Yes, it’s easy to fall in love with a person. But it’s so difficult having to cultivate and build on that love; and turning it into something sustainable. Love can easily be attained but it’s never so easily maintained. And that’s why whenever you find yourself in a relationship with someone who just isn’t putting in the necessary effort to earn your love, then you know that they aren’t worthy of you. They don’t deserve the love that you’re so willing to give them.

Love is always something that has to be shared between two mutual people if it’s to be pure and authentic. It can never be one-sided if it’s going to be real. Too often, we fall victim to the nobility of being in an unrequited love. And that’s great. We fight to have a person love us the way that we love them. That’s part of the deal. But it also gets to a point where you just have to stop trying when nothing is happening to you. Because real love is never unrequited. Real love is always going to be reciprocated. In a real loving relationship, you should always be willing to give just as much as you’re getting in the relationship. And if you feel like your partner is just completely failing on that front, then they aren’t deserving of whatever you’re willing to give them. It’s like they’re watching your relationship unfold from the sidelines and they’re letting you do all of the heavy lifting on their behalf. They aren’t worthy of your efforts. They aren’t worthy of your pains. They’re not doing anything that makes them deserving of what you’re doing for them.

And love is certainly more than just something that you express in the form of words to another person. It’s not just a feeling that you have inside of you. Love is a verb. Love is concrete action. Love is movement. Love is effort. It’s so easy to talk up love. But it’s very difficult to actually manifest that love into action. And that’s where a lot of people often fall short in relationships. They are so quick to say that they love you, but they never seem to follow their words up with any real actions. When they tell you that they love you, that’s not exactly what it means to work hard for someone’s love. You have to be able to give weight to your words by backing them up. And if your partner isn’t backing their words up, then they just aren’t working hard enough for you. They’re not putting in the effort. They’re not making a good case for themselves to be recipients of the kind of love that you’re always willing to give. 

A huge part of what makes love great is communication. But again, communication isn’t just something verbal. A connection between two people is built and strengthened with more than just hollow words and expressions. Real love is manifested when two people are genuinely trying to make the effort to merge their souls into one. Communication in a relationship is more than just about talking to one another. It’s about listening and paying attention to each other. It’s about trying to view life through the lenses of your partner’s eyes. It’s about trying to understand one another better. It’s about constantly making the effort to discover more about your partner’s soul. And if your partner just doesn’t seem to want to make that effort with you, then they really aren’t worthy of being with you at all. 

True love is built on occasional inconvenience. And as counterintuitive as that may seem, it’s the actual truth. You can’t always expect to have it easy when it comes to love. You must occasionally be willing to put the life and needs of your partner above your own. You have to learn to be selfless. You have to learn to compromise your own personal desires for the well-being of your partner and for the relationship as a whole. And when your partner is unwilling to inconvenience themselves for you, what makes you think that they are worthy of the love that you give them? A selfish person is never deserving of the love of a selfless one. Love is something that is earned. Love is something that has to be built on. Love can never be taken for granted. Love isn’t something that you can just ignore.

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