If You Have Brittle Nails, Then This Is What It Means For Your Health

There are numerous studies out there that suggest that the state of your nails can tell a lot about the condition of your overall health and wellness. Sometimes, when you are able to spot a problem with your nails, you would be able to spot a very serious physical illness. Even something as a simple change in color or texture of the nail can be a sign that there is something wrong with the heart, lung, or nervous system of the body.

Of course, you should know by now that the best cure is always going to be prevention. Or at the very least, it’s always best to catch a disease early so that it would be easier to treat. Your health should always be of utmost priority. And that’s why you should always be paying attention to every little thing that might be going on to your body. Your nails aren’t just an appendage on your body that you can decorate and beautify. Your nails are very much a part of who you are and how you live. Your nails are very closely connected to the various systems of your whole body. Here are a few signs that the state of your nails are telling you that you could have some very serious health problems.

1. Fungal Infection

If you have a jaundiced or yellowish nail color, then that could be a sign of fungal infection within your toes or fingers. This kind of infection is more commonly found within the foot than in the hands. This is often caused by a toe’s exposure to unclean and unsanitary environments. When you have such an infection, don’t walk barefoot in unsanitary places such as public bathrooms or locker rooms.

2. Thyroid Disease

If you notice that your nails look really dry, brittle, and frail, then that could be a sign that you have thyroid disease. Remember that the thyroid is a gland that produces a lot of important hormones. And when your thyroid isn’t functioning the way that it should, then you’re going to experience some substantial abnormalities with regards to your weight, height, and your body’s temperature as well. Having a disease that attacks your thyroid is very serious; and you should seriously consider paying a visit to your doctor.

3. Anemia

Another possible sickness that you could have when you have brittle nails is anemia. It’s very likely that having brittle nails paired with cold-feeling hands and feet indicate huge signs of anemia in the body. When you are anemic, you are likely to have bouts with dizziness, nausea, weakness, and irregular heartbeats to go along with various aches all throughout the body.

Anemia is most commonly caused by heavy menstruation wherein a patient loses a high amount of red blood cells. Other possible causes could be a dietary deficit of vitamin B12 and iron. Also, having chronic kidney disease could also contribute to anemia. The best way to prevent this disease is to have a diet that is rich in iron – fish, red meat, liver, and other such proteins.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Take a look at your nails right now. Do they seem like they’re poorly cut and misshapen? It could be because you have a tendency of chewing your nails a lot even when you don’t really mean to do so. The chewing of nails is often attributed as a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, or anxiety. You should be taking these mental illnesses seriously because they can affect your overall physical health as well. Also, remember that there are germs on your fingers and you don’t want to be taking these germs in orally. You could try to see a specialist for your mental health issues; or you could also try to chew gum as a way to stop yourself from chewing on your fingernails.

5. Psoriasis

If you have fingernails that are splitting and turning into a yellowish-red color, then you might be inflicted with psoriasis. This is a medical condition that causes itchy red bumps on your skin that can cause serious irritation and displeasure. There are plenty of creams and pills that you can take to alleviate the effects of psoriasis until they vanish completely. Maybe take some time to consult a dermatologist about your skin woes.

6. Arthritis

A lot of people think that arthritis is just an “old people” disease without really understanding what it really means. Yes, arthritis mostly affects people who are older. However, this isn’t really a disease that one should take lightly. In its most extreme form, arthritis can cause significant swelling and pain in the joints of a body. And one sign that you might have arthritis is having pitted nails that can be split fairly easily.

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