If Your Man Says These 10 Things To You, Then Your Relationship Isn’t Built To Last

How your man talks to you is a huge indicator of how he feels about you. You can tell a lot about the strength of your relationship depending on how the two of you communicate with one another. It’s already been said that communication is integral in any kind of relationship.

And if you and your partner don’t have a strong communication game going on, then it’s highly likely that you’re both not going to be able to make things last. You shouldn’t be so quick to brush off the things that your man says to you.

You have to take his words seriously. His words are verbal manifestations of his feelings. And if his feelings aren’t as genuine as you want them to be, how do you expect to sustain your relationship? Of course, no one is perfect. There is always room for patience and forgiveness. You shouldn’t be so quick to fight and criticize everything that your partner says to you. But you shouldn’t be so lenient either.

There are certain phrases that he can be throwing your way which is detrimental to your relationship. These are red flags and you need to address them accordingly.

1. “I don’t really buy into the whole idea of marriage.”

This wouldn’t really be a big deal if you have no plans of getting married yourself. But if you think that all relationships should eventually lead to a wedding, then this is definitely bad news for you. You’re never going to be able to make things work if you both want different things for your personal ideas for the future.

2. “My parents don’t like you at all.”

Sometimes, a parent’s dislike of you wouldn’t be an issue. But that is super rare. A lot of times, we all heed the advice and sentiments of our parents especially when it comes to our romantic lives. If he tells you that his parents aren’t fond of you, then that’s really bad news for your relationship. That’s a hurdle that’s going to be hard for you both to overcome.

 3. “Why can’t you be more like (insert name of an ex-girlfriend)”

He shouldn’t be comparing you to any girl at all, and he especially shouldn’t be comparing you to his exes. That’s just downright disrespectful. It’s unforgivable. It shows that he hasn’t completely moved on from his previous flame.

4. “Are you really going to wear that?

A man who is going to judge you for how you look isn’t a man who is genuinely in love with you. He shouldn’t be obsessing over your physical appearance. His love for you shouldn’t be dependent on whether you look pretty or not. He shouldn’t be seeing you as a mere object of visual pleasure. He should be more concerned with who you are underneath.

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