Indiana Mum Whose Husband Refused to Take her off Life Support Wakes up Two Months Later

A mum-of-three who spent 100 days in the hospital on life support because of COVID-19 woke up to reunite with her family.

Autumn Carver from Indiana fought a long battle with the deadly virus and remained in the hospital on life support – finally met her two daughters and newborn son after three months.

Carver, 35, was diagnosed with Covid-19 in August 2021 when she was almost nine months pregnant with her third child.

Autumn became so sick the doctors told her husband, Zach, she had ‘zero chance’ of surviving.

According to GMA, “She gave birth on Aug. 27 in an emergency C-section while 33 weeks pregnant. Her son, Huxley, was born healthy, but Carver would not meet him for the first nearly two months of his life.”

“Shortly after giving birth, Carver was placed on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, machine, which removes carbon dioxide from the blood and sends back blood with oxygen to the body, allowing the heart and lungs time to rest and heal.”

After spending nearly two months on the machine, Carver was finally allowed to meet her newborn baby and her two daughters.

“That day was precious,” she told the outlet.

A month later, she was finally discharged from the hospital and was able to go home in 100 days.

“It’s been awesome, better than expected,” she said, adding that her daughters were surprised and shocked at the same time to have their mum back at home.

“The kiddos are still young enough that they’re resilient, but it’s taking them some time still to adjust,” she added.

Autumn’s husband, and the father of her three kids, Zach, spent all the hundred days by her bedside, waiting for her to wake up and come back to life.

“I still have to pinch myself occasionally because I saw her in such bad shape for such a long time. I’m very happy that she’s alive. We went through this for a reason and we’re just extremely, extremely grateful, and we thank the good Lord for Autumn and her miracle,” he told PEOPLE.

He said it was a miracle that saved his wife, and he’d always be thankful for it.

“Having my whole family under one roof for the first time was, I don’t have words to put on that,” Zach told GMA. “Happy and joyful, they don’t compare to what I really feel. We’re just all so happy to be together, especially right before Christmas.”

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