Is Your Relationship Moving Too Fast?


I’ve been there, I’ve been known as the person who would marry in a day if he could. Sometimes, emotions grow a little sooner than expected, which may cause a lot of anxiety in your mind about your relationship moving too fast.

Love takes time; it won’t happen in a day. When emotions are rushed, they aren’t able to develop properly. It is always better to spend ample time with someone before you decide on spending a life together.

12 Crucial signs: Relationship moving too fast.

If you think your relationship is moving too fast, don’t fret, I’m going to list down a few crucial signs you should pay attention to.

1. All you ever talk about is the future.

relationship moving too fast

Don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly healthy to discuss your future, but not when it’s the only thing you talk about. If your conversations are heavily-focused on how you’re going to get married, what mortgage to get, which school your kids are going to go to, it’s time to hit the brake and slow down.

Everything happens in due time. Planning is wise, but not when you’re ignoring your present moment completely while continually hoping for a better future.

2. Your arguments are out of control.

relationship moving too fast

Arguments are a very natural part of relationships, but they can also become toxic if they’re not controlled. If you notice your arguments keep getting more and more frustrating, it means you’re not paying attention to those emotions. Slow down and give each other some space to breathe. Feelings should ALWAYS be discussed.

3. Wedding bells keep ringing.

relationship moving too fast

A lot of young couples worry about their big day, often a little too much. The topic of marriage is often riddled with stress and anxiety, ironically.

It’s because we are so involved and worried about how that one day is going to be rather than paying attention to each other and how we are feeling inside. Slow down; you’re not running away.

4. You have started ignoring yourself.

relationship moving too fast

When two people are moving too fast in a relationship, they start ignoring their own lives in the process. You’ll stop paying attention to yourself, your health, your routine, everything will be centered around your relationship.

You can’t love another human being until and unless you completely love yourself.

5. You’re always on the phone.

relationship moving too fast

Texting is part of humanity now; we can’t survive without texting. But if you find yourself always on the phone, texting your partner, you need to take a step back and reevaluate your relationship.

When you’re texting, you’re not completely present with the people around you. Your mind is elsewhere; it’s unfair to those who are physically present with you. And if you’re doing it too much, it’s going to hurt your relationship and your life.

6. You want to get the family involved.

relationship moving too fast

If it’s been a month, I won’t introduce my partner to my family. I don’t know the person well enough to confidently let them meet the most critical people in my life.

Family involvement is crucial, but in due time. If you involve the family too soon and things don’t work out, it’ll forever be remembered.

7. Your conversations are centered around your relationship.

relationship moving too fast

A happy couple can talk for hours without noticing the time, and none of it would be about their relationship. If all you talk about is how satisfied you are with your partner, how you can’t wait to spend the next second with them, it means you’re moving too fast in the relationship.

8. Your friends have started missing you.

relationship moving too fast

When a relationship moves too fast, it takes so much energy and effort that you won’t be able to give your friends much (if any) attention. A person is known by the company they keep, and you need your friends to be whole.

I don’t believe in the notion that a person can happily survive this life alone; it’s too difficult to go through without any help. Don’t forget your friends because of your relationship. A real relationship will enhance your friendships, not end them.

9. You’re already saving the date.

relationship moving too fast

A month in the relationship, and you’re already talking about wedding dates? Red flag! Don’t be one of those couples who start a relationship, move too fast, have a wedding date planned within a few weeks, only to break up in the end because the relationship was never paid attention to.

10. You keep defending the relationship.

relationship moving too fast

When you’re in a relationship that moves too fast, a lot of people are going to notice. And you’ll find yourself defending yourself against the fact that you’re moving too fast, but deep down inside you know that’s not true. A relationship defends itself if it has a lot of solid ground to stand on, don’t move too fast and take all the time you need.

11. You’re usually annoyed and agitated.

relationship moving too fast

When you move too fast in a relationship, you ignore your own emotions and thoughts completely. This means you’ll often find yourself feeling agitated for no reason because your mind wants you to sit down and pay attention to it. This is why I always tell my clients to study each other, human beings are complicated creatures, and they need proper care and time. No two people are the same.

12. You’re talking about moving in together.

relationship moving too fast

I’m all for moving in together and living with the person you love, but don’t do it within just a few weeks of dating. Moving in with someone means you’re going to see a completely new side of them. You’re going to be LIVING with them, day in and day out.

You’re going to see how they brush their teeth, wash their face, how long they take in the shower, every little detail is going to show itself. Take your time and get to know the person a little before you ask them to start living with you.

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