Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Heartbreak and the HUGE Mistake She Won’t Make Again

Kim Kardashian wants to avoid making the same mistakes in her relationships following her split with Pete Davidson.

The reality star, 42, recently appeared on Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose with Jay Shetty. She discussed her struggles as a single parent of four children and opened up about the regrets attached to her past mistakes in her dating life.

“I definitely will take my time, and I think there’s so many factors especially when you have kids and being mindful of people that enter in your life,” she told Shetty. “If I can look at everything that I did wrong and try to not make the same mistakes and really take my time, I think it just has to be different for me.”

The Keeping Up with Kardashian star and former SNL comedian ended their nine-month-long relationship in early August last year.

“I think I’ll always be a hopeless romantic and always want to be in love and definitely love sharing my life with someone and love creating a life with someone.”

The mum-of-four added that she would never stop believing in love. However, she has learned a lot from her previous relationships and the mistakes she made in her dating life, which she won’t be making again, but for now, she should take some time off and focus on her kids and her career.

“It’s obviously such a hard place to be in because how do you go about it?” she said. “There’s so many factors, but I’ll always believe in love and I’ll always want that and I think that’s such a magical part of life. But I think I’m so comfortable taking my time to not rush it.”

“There’s so much going on that I’m not lonely, and I think that that is really important,” the SKIMS founder continued. “I believe, like, I always believe. And I think that whatever’s meant to be will be.”

When asked about her take on what makes a relationship long-lasting, Kim said ‘mutual respect’ and ‘treating people with kindness’ are the key ingredients.

“I think just having that mutual respect, treating people with respect, is just a given. Every relationship can be different. If you have just a mutual respect around the, across the board, that’s I think the number one thing,” she told Jay.

“I’m really content,” she added. “My babies make me happy, my family, my life. You know, experiences make me happy.”

The 42-year-old SKIMS founder shares four kids with the Flashing Lights singer, Kanye West – North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three.

The couple parted ways in 2020 and fought an ugly legal battle before finally settling the divorce in November 2022. In the divorce settlement, she receives “$200,000-a-month in child support”, the $4.5 million house he bought next door, and parenting disputes will be resolved through mediation

A new custody agreement, parenting plans, and the division of the couple’s multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio were also reached. According to TMZ, it was determined that West, 45, and Kardashian would share joint custody and have ‘equal access’ to their four children.

In the same interview, the makeup mogul also shared the struggles of raising four children solo and said there are nights when she cries herself to sleep.

Parenting is the thing that has taught me the most about myself. It has been the most challenging thing,” she said. “There are nights I cry myself to sleep. Like, holy shit, this f—ing tornado in my house. Like, what just happened?”

“You know, with all the moods and the personalities and sometimes they’re fighting, and you know, there’s no one there… Like, it’s [just] me to play good police officer and bad cop.”

The mum-of-four further admitted that she is working on being a little bit ‘firmer’ as a parent; however, the whole this is ‘fu***ng hard.’

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Source: Jay Shetty Podcast on YouTube

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