Man Fights His Wife For Harassing Black People

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Today’s Reddit story comes from a user named thebaguettebitch; she uploaded a video on the PublicFreakout subreddit showing a man yelling and screaming at his wife after she started harassing a black couple at a gas station.

The Story

The video posted to Reddit captures a man telling his wife off for being racist. The woman causing trouble is supposedly named Erin. The black couple also joins in and starts telling her to calm down and get back in her car, but she doesn’t budge.

“Get in the car, Erin.”

Apparently, Erin was accusing the black man of being a dealer. Her husband wasn’t having any of it and screamed at her:

“You’re not special.”

“You do not know him. You do not know her. You don’t know anybody around here. You are not special. Get your stupid a** in the car.”

While her husband, being a decent human being, apologized to the couple on behalf of his wife.

“I’m sorry, y’all.”

Erin still didn’t seem to understand any of her husband’s frustrations as she can be seen walking away from the car and standing far away while staring back at them.

The black couple in this story had a sense of humor, so they can be heard laughing in the video to lighten up the mood, but Erin still didn’t budge and stood her stance. You can watch the video on Reddit here.

Kudos to the husband for telling Erin like it is, and kudos to the black couple for finding humor in this tense situation. We hope Erin learns from this and can grow as a passionate human being; we can only hope.

The Responses

The Reddit community had nothing but praise for this man for doing what he did. Here are some of the top comments:

Huge_Aerie2435 said:

“I like this guy. ‘you are not special’ LMAO

CannonBallRunpro mentions a vital fact:

“It’s clear by his frustration that this has happened before.”

tovivify commented:

“I see a lot of Karen videos where strangers and bystanders are the ones who have to call them out, and the information just goes in one ear and out the other because they don’t know them, and they won’t have to deal with them after the fact. Often times, the people in their life either agree with their entitled/racist/whatever behavior, or are unwilling to call them out. It’s nice to see somebody in the Karen’s life calling them out, because you know the discussion doesn’t just end at this gas station, and maybe he has a better chance of actually being heard.”

“I really feel for the guy, though, and I hope he got out of that toxicity.”

There are over 3.3k comments on this post; you can read them all on Reddit here.

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RedditMan goes off at racist wife hehe

Images & Featured Image via thebaguettebitch on Reddit

1 comment
  1. 1) He’s a free white man and has had to put with that behavior before.
    2) He tolerates her because she don’t behave towards him.
    3)That woman has an evil spirit. They have the same demeanor, the same look, the same behavior, and easily influenced by a negative environment.
    4) The reaction of the woman who’s filming is defiant and taunting because ‘how dare you think that your mere existence gives you the right to harass or the power to cause people to retreat without a word.’ While her taunting doesn’t help, it’s a reaction to assure the aggressor that she has no place. I wouldn’t respond that way, however I understand the motivation behind it.

    Whatever shows she’s watching, or radio talk shows she’s listening to, or her circle of friends, has influenced her to make a fool of herself. This is what racists look and sound like to free, everyday people. Her husband is what we call a free white man. The wife on the other hand is a woman in captivity in her own mind.

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