Mark Ruffalo’s Crazy Dream of having a Brain Tumor was Realistic & he was Diagnosed with ‘Acoustic Neuroma’

Hulk’s worst nightmare came true when he dreamt of having a brain tumor and eventually found out that he actually had one!

Back in 2000, Mark Ruffalo had a weird dream of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. According to Mark, when he woke up, he strongly felt that it was REAL and he should get himself tested.

Shockingly, it was, in fact, REAL: ‘Ruffalo went to see a doctor, who booked him in for a CAT scan, only to discover that he did in fact, have a mass behind his ear.’ Unilad wrote.

In his interview with W Magazine in 2011, the Marvel actor said, “I had this crazy dream that I had a brain tumour, I just woke up and knew I had a brain tumour.”

“There was no way that I didn’t. It was pretty crazy.”

“So I went to the doctor, and they did the CAT scan and they were like ‘you have a mass behind your left ear and you will need to get it removed. We don’t know what it is exactly, but we think it’s operable’.”

He further added, “You just deal with it. You go on. I’m fine now, I only lost my hearing in one ear. I see it as kind of a gift in a weird way. Your priorities become very clear. My relationship to acting became very clear.”

In another interview with the Acoustic Neuroma Association in 2013, he discussed about his crazy diagnosis and treatment.

“I went to [the doctor] that morning and I said, ‘listen, I had a really scary dream last night and you’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but I think I have a brain tumor and I’d really like to get it checked out’. 

“And she said, ‘you are crazy, but you shouldn’t have to live with that fear, so I’ll order you an MRI – or CAT scan – tomorrow’.”

“She came in [after the scan] and she was white as a sheet, and she said, ‘you have a mass behind your left ear that’s the size of a golf ball. We don’t know what it is exactly, and you’ll need an MRI’.

“And I thought, ‘yep, It’s not a great time to say I knew it, but…’”

Fortunately, his tumor was not cancerous, and it was later removed through a surgical process; however, the Now You See Me, actor, not “only experienced a temporary facial paralysis after the operation but also permanently lost hearing in his left ear.” – Quoted Unilad.

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