“People” Magazine features Robert Irwin’s photographs of Bindi Irwin and her baby niece Grace

These adorable cover stars are on newsstands this week! The couple is pictured cuddling and smiling on the cover of People this week, with photos taken by someone exceptional: Bindi’s brother, Robert Irwin!

“Grace’s smile is contagious as she sticks her tongue out in the cover photo as she smiles and sticks her tongue out. Grasping her mother’s hand, she stands up and displays her blue floral shorts and khaki Australia Zoo button-down shirt with her name embroidered on the right pocket – it melts one’s heart! Grace may also be the twin of Steve Irwin, pictured on the cover holding baby Bindi.”

“I can’t believe how big Grace has already become – and these pictures turned out so well because her uncle, a wildlife photographer, was behind the camera.”

“I have been a passionate wildlife photographer for many years, but taking portraits was a new experience,” Robert said. “I am the proudest uncle!”

Grace sounds like she’s already following in Mom’s footsteps

According to Bindi, Grace had a blast hanging out at the Australia Zoo with her family, and her favorite animal is a tortoise.

“It’s so fun watching her explore everything,” Bindi said. “We have our hands full!”

The actress shared pictures from the photoshoot on Instagram today, writing, “My brother’s wonderful photographs of beautiful Grace Warrior. She brings so much light into our lives. This issue of @people means the world to me. Thank you for sharing our family’s journey.” He is incredibly talented! The mother-and-daughter pair looks gorgeous in the photos.

Bindi has written about Grace’s favorite animal before, including a video of the two watching tortoises in December 2021. “Tortoise smiles. Absolutely love spending time with Igloo,” she wrote. “Grace is fascinated by this gentle giant. 🐢”

There’s a picture of Bindi posing beside a tortoise when she was a girl, so it’s easy to see why she was attracted to tortoises.

Bindi recognizes parts of her father in Grace

“His determination and his inability to sit still,” Bindi said. I think that’s really special. I’m excited to see as she grows up how her personality will develop. If Dad was around, honestly, we would never see her. He would be in love.”

She continued to say that during his lifetime, he was unknowingly “creating the most wonderful TV programming for our daughter during his lifetime.”

We cannot wait to see Grace grow. We know she’ll have plenty of opportunities to join her mom (and dad, Chandler Powell) in the family business as she gets older. We feel her grandpa would be so proud of this little girl who loves animals so much.

Source: People Magazine

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