Plus-size Model Slammed Horse Riding Business for Not Letting her Ride Horses Due to her Weight

26-year-old Remi Bader was turned away from an influencer’s event for weighing too much to ride a horse.

Bader, a popular influencer on TikTok and Instagram and known for her realistic videos and self-image struggles, said that the owners invited her to the event at the Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk and later mistreated her by saying she was overweight for riding their horses.

She called out the ranch on TikTok and said the incident was very embarrassing for her.

“Shoutout to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for making me leave because I weigh over 240,” she wrote on a video clip on her TikTok account.

She also said that the weight limit or any such rule was not mentioned in their advertisement. She also revealed that the ranch owner’s son called her a fat b**** on social media and said,

“When you’re not a fat b****, you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.”

Brody Keogh, the ranch owner’s son, duetted Remi’s video and posted the response on his TikTok, which he later deleted. But Remi shared his video on her account and said,

“Imagine this being Deep Hollow Ranch’s response to your experience.”

“I don’t really need any opinions on this one,” Bader’s comment read. “It’s the fact of how it wasn’t advertised and how poorly it was handled. This was my experience, not yours.”

Bordy Keogh deleted his response video, and the ranch business issued an apology on their Facebook page, saying they do not condone the employee’s now-deleted video.

“It has come to our attention that a TikTok video was posted regarding the ranch and a teenage employee posted a response that in no way represents nor is aligned with the views that the owners of the ranch hold,” the statement read.

“We would like to apologize to anyone who this offended, and we do not condone or agree with any part of that employee’s video.”

Remi’s video on TikTok received thousands of views and comments where the majority bashed the ranch business owner and his son for being completely unprofessional.

In a statement to People Magazine, the model said that she would never want to take down a small business by publicly slamming them, but she had to call out the ranch business because it was necessary.

“I posted for a reason, and that’s not because of me being denied to ride the horses. I get it, some places have weight requirements and I’d never want to hurt the horses, but it was the way I was spoken to and laughed at by the owner and the way I was treated overall.”

She added, “What I experienced in person was only supported later by the owner’s son’s video, who made very clear that they did not want me there because of my weight and that is truly disappointing. In addition, I just want to say that Hampton Water was nothing but super supportive, and felt terrible about the whole thing, and believe me.. You’d know if I didn’t feel that way. They are not at fault,”

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  1. Come on now. I’m a big woman and rode a few horses. Once I reached a certain weight I called the I was going to ask about a weight restriction. Does she think a horse wants all that weight on it’s back? I’m thinking not. She needs to get her head out of her ass. She knows damn well that she can’t do everything her smaller friends do.

  2. The article starts where the tik Tok Remi was invited to the event they already knew her size so why did they not discuss that before hand nope they waited till she was there and then told her she couldn’t ride this was handled wrong was this Horse ranch just trying to make a name for itself cause drama

    1. Dumb remark, no one was going to ask each one what they weigh before they come and most wouldn’t be truthful anyway, so show up and they realize your to big for the horse, your fault for not knowing

  3. I understand from both sides,not the kid who did the video,he was just rude…..but,I have worked with horses and I do not know the weight limit they can carry,but I know that it puts strain on their backs the more weight they have to carry,she should not have been treated like crap at all,they should have just been nice about it and considered her feelings.

  4. There are policies in place to protect the horses, and I’m sure they are posted. What selfish, attention seeking idiot.

    1. You act like she just showed up to the event they invited her clearly seeing that she was plus size. Why wait till she get there to tell her that?

  5. Hmmm a horse can handle the weight! There are breeds call drafts crosses? People who know little shouldn’t chime in. How many men that ride are 240+?

  6. I’m just shocked that she would assume s horse should carry her st her size. The kids an ass won’t deny that but to expect a horse to carry someone over 220lbs is cruel. I love horses. Grew up around horses as well and once I weighed over 185 I stopped because I didn’t want to make a poor horse suffer under my weight.
    Sorry ..she’s a beautiful woman but has no place on a horse at her size

    1. I don’t believe you are a horse lover because if you were you’d know that a draft horse can carry up to 400 pounds. Also let’s not skip past the part were they invited her to the event clearly knowing/seeing she was a plus size model.

      1. Um, no. A horse can AT MAX carry 20% of its weight. 400lbs is very abusive. I’ve ridden my entire life (45 years plus), am a horse trainer, riding instructor, competitor, breeder. My horses are pretty big (1200 – 1400 lbs), and I wouldn’t let anyone over 200lbs – unless they were an amazingly experienced, balanced rider – ride them.

  7. There are plenty of men who ride horses all day long that are 250 pound men. So why make a big event over this. The Ranch is in the wrong and should apologize and be the bigger person here. I was born and raised on a farm in Kentucky.

  8. Many Professional Football linemen , Pro Heavyweight Wrestlers ( 350+pounds) and even very heavy Actors have rode horses… safely. I feel some Grace in making a decision could have had a better outcome to the dilemma.

  9. Things like this irritate me so much. Every horse has a limit to the weight they can carry, i mean you sitting and for the novice, bouncing like a bag of potatoes on their spine. EVERY PERSON has a limit and we all know or should know that overdoing it while we younger and feeling like we are some kind of indestructible can cause back and joint issues later on. Same principles for horses or any animal actually. I was at a lodge one day and saw this heavy set man get onto a pony, the horse you could see was not comfortable and as we started the trail the horse got mean nipping at anyone and even the rider, refused to do anything more than walk when the hand could get it to move and for that the poor thing got kicked and smacked. If a ranch/lodge etc has outrides available they should look at having 1 or 2 work horse breeds, they would be able to take a bit more weight than a 15.3 pony. I’m all for inclusion but don’t get snarky because you weigh 130kg + and staff don’t want to put you on a horse/pony thats NOT stong enough to carry safely. I see peoples comments of movie stars etc but remember the pony YOU as an ordinary person will get to ride is probably not in the best condition, has no topline due to lack of actual exercise (topline is muscles on their back, for those who dont know) may even be old and those horses for the rich and famous are well trained, exercised and most probably on special diets.

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