Psychologists Reveal The 3 Secrets To Becoming More Attractive

To a certain extent, you are always going to want to be a person who is seen, noticed, understood, and appreciated by the people around you. However, there are varying levels to this kind of desire.

There will be moments wherein you will be with people and you want them to notice you only up to a certain extent – a casual one. But then, you will also be put into positions wherein you will want someone to notice you in a very deep and intimate manner.

This is when you are with someone who you want to become romantically attracted to you. And that changes things entirely. The feelings and emotions that you have are just so much stronger and they can be difficult to ignore.

When you want to be with a person, you might resort to certain tactics that are designed to grab their attention. However, you might not always be so successful in your efforts. And that’s the thing. Love just can’t really be put into science. Or can it?

Yes, love is an inherently complex thing. It’s something that you know you want for yourself even though you might not really know what it is, what it looks like, or how it feels. And that’s okay.

You have a general idea of what love is and you know that it’s something that’s going to make you feel good. You know that it’s something that is going to add value to your life and that’s enough to make you want it.

But how exactly do you go about attaining it? It’s not as easy as going to the grocery store and actually picking something out. Love is something that you have to work hard to find and work even harder to keep.

At the base level of it all is a mutual attraction. If you want someone to fall in love with you, you’re going to have to establish a mutual attraction with this person. And that means that the two of you have to be attracted to one another to a certain extent. But what happens if the person you’re interested in isn’t really interested in you?

Should you just give up and walk away? Or should you stay and fight to be noticed?

Well, the truth is that there is no guaranteed outcome in love and attraction. However, psychologists and relationship experts have actually revealed the 3 secrets to instantly make you more attractive in the eyes of the person that you’re interested in.

So, whenever you find yourself in the presence of the person who is the target of your affections, make sure that you keep these 3 things in mind.

1. Always exude positivity and optimism.

Science has shown that people are just inherently drawn to positivity and optimism. That’s why we’re generally more comfortable around people who are smiling and laughing a lot. So, always try to exude that positivity.

Try to make all of that positive energy shine out of your face. All of this positive energy can be very contagious. You want this person to associate happiness and positive vibes with you.

2. Talk about shared values and principles.

You are also going to want to really connect with this person in a very deep and intimate manner. That means being able to bond over shared values and core principles that the two of you might hold dear.

You are giving them the sense that the two of you are compatible in the sense that there isn’t much friction between your two personalities.

3. Use that person’s name

And lastly, use that person’s name a lot. It’s a great way to humanize them and it’s really going to make them notice you. When you give them real direct attention by using their name like that, they will feel indebted to give you the same kind of attention as well.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to get a person to notice you, then you’re going to need a good idea of how the human mind really works. Sure, you can resort to the usual gimmicks like putting on your best clothes, donning that signature smile, and flirting your way to the heavens.

And that might even work but it’s not really a sustainable way of keeping a person’s attention. Remember that you want that person to always be coming back for more. And that’s where your focus should lie. Experts already have an understanding of how the brain really works.

They have found substantial knowledge with regards to how two human beings might interact and perceive one another. And research has shown that the tips listed above are actually your best chances at establishing a real bond and chemistry with another person.

It’s not just that they’re going to end up really taking notice of you, but you’re also going to entice them to keep on coming back for more.

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