Sister Tells Off Brother for Calling His Girlfriend a Gold-Digger

Nothing hurts more than the feeling of being tested by the person you love. When you give all of your effort and love to someone, only to feel like just another option – it hurts. And the only thing you can do for yourself is to leave. Today’s story is about that.

A question was posted on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A** Hole?) subreddit by a user who had recently scolded her brother. She wanted to ask the community if she did the right thing or went too far. The story revolves around her brother “testing” his girlfriend to see if she was a gold-digger. The post goes as follows:

Money does not give anyone the power to test the love of another. Relationships last when money is a shared commodity, not a constant competition. Love doesn’t revolve around money; selfish humans do. If you ever find yourself with a person who makes you feel less of yourself, hold on to yourself and let go of the toxicity – you don’t deserve it.

Here is What The Community Had to Say

Everyone came to her side, telling her she did the right thing by scolding her brother. By being honest with her brother, maybe she can make him realize the error of his ways. Here are some of the responses on the post (NTA means Not the A** Hole):

by Reddit user yourlittlebirdie

by Reddit user iheartstrawberry

by Reddit user J0sey_W4les_23

by Reddit user 21CenGal

by Reddit user Speedywins

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Source: Reddit

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