Snoop Dogg Remained Baffled As Couple Got Engaged Right Next To Him

Image Credits: @ianvaughn0 on TikTok

Nowadays, with the ‘viral culture’ becoming popular on social media, people often do stuff to attract the public’s attention.

Recently a couple took it to another level and got engaged at Snoop Dogg’s concert while the rapper was standing next to them.

A viral video on TikTok showed a couple taking photos with the famous American rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg.

While Dogg was posing for the photo, suddenly, the man sat down on his knee and proposed to his girl with a ring.

It happened at one of the rapper’s concerts in May 2022, and there was a ‘meet & greet’ session after the performance. While different people clicked pictures with the ‘Drop it like its hot’ star, a couple took it as the perfect opportunity to get engaged by grabbing the attention of thousands.

TikTok user @ianvaughn0 posted a video on his account with the description,

“Guy proposes during Snoop Dogg Meet & Greet… NEVER a dull moment!”

The video was captioned as, “@snoopdogg, Hell of a night!!” and gained almost 106.5K likes.

The sudden proposal left his girl shocked and the ‘Young, Wild & Free’ rapper also became confused about what was happening.

The video went viral on social media, and people noticed that while ‘apparently’ it was a spontaneous gesture by the man, it was quite an awkward moment for Snoop.

When the man bent down on one knee, the woman became stunned and said, “Oh s**t.”

The man asked: “Would you make me the best man in the world right next to Snoop?”

The girl instantly replied: “Hell yeah!”

While the couple was having their moment, the rapper remained baffled and could only utter,


People couldn’t help noticing that as the man stood up and was about to shake his girl’s hand, she hugged the rapper. The man joined and made it a group hug. 

The video attracted hundreds of comments, and people expressed their opinions about the whole scene.

“He hugged snoop like he was part of the family now. Bruh snoop didn’t know what to do.” a user wrote.

“Snoop was prob so faded he was like is this dude proposing to me right now.” another user said.  

“Not them having a group hug with snoop after.”  Someone lol-ed.

“Lmao snoop ain’t tryna be in that hug bro what ya doin’???” A person commented.

Some people also wrote that the whole thing was staged, and the couple pre-planned it just to make it viral.

“Lol, the girl knew what he was gonna do. Save the drama!!!!!”

“They were just trying to see if Snoop would hand over a check for their ‘wedding.'”

“He was hoping to get the wedding paid for.”

Dogg’s fans called it a super awkward moment for the rapper and said it was an “attention-seeking” stunt by the couple.

“Well……that was awkward. GOOD attempt at trying to get Snoop Dogg involved.”

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Ian Vaughn on TikTok

Images & Featured Images via Ian Vaughn on TikTok

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