The 12th child for Nick Cannon is on the way

As Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon prepare to mark the first anniversary of their son Zen‘s death, the model is also beginning a new chapter.

Her pregnancy announcement was shared on Oct. 26 when she shared a photo of her baby bump. “With you by my side…” the model wrote alongside the picture that also included her daughter Zeela, 4.

Despite her pending pregnancy, Alyssa has yet to reveal more information, according to E! News has not received a response to its request for comment.

The model’s followers have flooded her comments section with congratulations since the announcement.

As one user put it: “Omg, congratulations, love and blessings to you!”

One more wrote: “I knew it! So happy for you! This is such blessings!”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Cannon is the father.

Sadly, Zen was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of just five months in December 2021 and passed away at the age of just five months.

Just a few weeks after welcoming his 10th child, Cannon announces the good news.

Rise Messiah is the third child he and Brittany Bell have together. They have two other children together, Golden Sagon and Powerful Queen.

By now, you’re probably aware that Cannon’s many children have interesting names.

The names he has chosen with his partners in the past include Zion Mixolydian, Zillion Heir, and Legendary Love, whose mother is model Bre Tiesi.

The 10th child of Cannon was announced last month on Instagram.

“Another Blessing!!! As my journey on this planet becomes more and more remarkable and unfathomable, all I can do is thank God and continue to ask the Most High to order my steps,” he wrote.

“He has given me stewardship and dominion over a family dynamic that to some is unimaginable.

“But more importantly he has blessed me with loving individuals to guide me with care through this purposeful life.

“I am so indebted and grateful for the matriarch energy in my time of need.”

He concluded: “Probably the most difficult labor and delivery I have ever witnessed!.

“48 hours of excruciating pain and life risking danger to welcome 10 pounds of Love and joy named RISE MESSIAH CANNON.”

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  1. Any guy can make a baby. It takes real man to be a father, and be in the child’s life. He needs a vasectomy.

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