The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell In Relationships

3. Their Pool of Suitors

A lot of women will not want to make their men feel threatened at all. They will try their best to make themselves seem available to their men, and as a result, they will lie about a number of impending suitors. Out of the fear that a man will get discouraged in his pursuit of her knowing that he has to compete with other men, a woman will then lie and tell him that he’s the only one who is currently interested.

4. Their Flirtation With Other Men

No man ever wants to have to chase after a woman who is flirting with other men as well. It’s degrading, tiring, and frankly, it can get quite pathetic. That’s why some women choose to conceal their flirtatious adventures from the men they’re interested in. It’s their way of keeping these men on the leash.

5. Their Sexual Experience

A lot of women will tell men that they are still virgins just so they can seduce them. Women know that men are always looking to establish themselves as the alpha male by marking their territory. There is always added appeal when chasing a woman who hasn’t given her flower to any other man.

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