The Sagamore Family Tragedy – Two Children Left Orphaned as Parents Pass Away

Whenever news of kids being orphaned appear – we are always heartbroken. This report comes from Cape Cod, where two young children lost both parents during Christmas week. The cause of death is still unknown, and no ill-intentions or sinister motives were found.

Miles & Josephine, aged one and six, were both loved by their parents. Their parents, Chris & Michele, hail from South Sagamore. The couple lived a happy and healthy life; their relationship was successful, and they didn’t show any signs of negativity or ill-intent towards one another. This loss saddens their loved ones as they leave behind two beautiful children.

The sad and heartbreaking news was posted on Chris’ sister, Nicole’s, Facebook – where she said:

“Our big brother, Christopher, and his wife, Michele, both passed away this week.

‘Their young, beautiful family has been so tragically and suddenly torn apart,”

The day of their passing is still unknown, but it is confirmed that it happened during Christmas week. According to Bourne Police Lieutenant Brandon M Esip, no cause of death has been confirmed, but they haven’t found any sign of crime or motives for such a sad occurrence. The investigation is still ongoing.

The Lieutenant, while speaking on the incident, said it was:

‘a tragic set of circumstances’.

Chris & Michele both had a fantastic work-life; Chris was a senior project manager at Atlantic Design Engineers & Michele was a math teacher at Sturgis Charter Public School. They bold held a respectable and happy place in society and were known to be very hard-working people.

According to the family, their deaths occurred due to “medical conditions,” but what happened is unclear. Chris’ sister, Nicole, has since launched a GoFundMe for the two orphaned children. Their GoFundMe page says:

Chris & Michele King of Bourne, MA unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind their 6 and 1 year old children, JoJo & Miles. For those who knew Chris & Michele, you know their love for one another was immeasurable and their love for their children, infinite. This is such a tragic and irreparable loss for these two little ones to lose both mom and dad suddenly and at such a young age. Their road will be long and rocky, but they are surrounded by so many family members who love them. Please consider donating to their care, support and future education needs. Any gift amount is welcomed and your generosity and concern incredibly appreciated.

Their campaign had a goal of $50,000 but has surpasses $116,098 at the time of writing this post.

We will keep you updated if any new developments about this sad incident are announced. You can donate to the cause by going to their campaign here.

We hope nothing but the best for Miles & Josephine and hope they find enough support and love from the community to get through this horrible incident together.


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