35 Interesting & Helpful Things To Talk About With A Girl

things to talk about with a girl

Men, we understand how intimidating it can be to come up with different things to talk about with a girl. Of course, you are probably well aware that communication is always going to be one of the most essential aspects of falling in love and being in relationships.

However, communication might not necessarily be your strong suit. You just might not be a person who is naturally skilled at finding things to talk about and carrying a conversation.

Not to worry, not all men are naturally skilled in the art of conversation. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of falling in love and being with the girl of your dreams.

You still have a shot at making things work. After all, communication is a skill that you can always choose to learn and develop over time.

And if you need some help with getting started, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to help walk you through talking with your woman.

You don’t have to fret about not being a great talker. With a few simple leads and consistency, you are bound to get better at it over time. To help get you started, follow a few of the tips listed in this article.

15 Interesting Things to Talk About with A Girl

It’s perfectly normal for men to feel scared and lost whenever they’re forced to talk to a girl that they’re romantically interested in. You might have found yourself in situations in the past wherein you felt flustered and utterly nervous.

In these moments, your mind might have gone blank to the point where you didn’t know what to say. If that’s the case, then don’t fret about it. It happens. However, you’ve got to make sure that it never happens again.

Next time you’re out on a date with a girl, and you’re talking to her in person, here are a few topics that you can keep in your back pocket. Whenever you feel like you don’t know what to talk about, you can always bring these things up.

1. Hobbies

Hobbies are always an excellent place to start with conversations. You can start discussing certain hobbies that you might have. Then, you can also ask her to talk about what kind of hobbies that she’s into as well.

2. Experiences

Experiences are also significant points of discussion. When you talk about the things that you’ve gone through in your lives, you’re giving each other a better idea of who you are as individuals. It’s also a great way of really getting to know and understand one another.

3. Goals and Dreams

People always love talking about the goals and dreams that they have. Allow her to open up to you about what her goals and dreams are. If prompted, feel free to do the same as well.

4. Family Life

Try talking about family life if she’s comfortable with it. When she opens up about her family, you will get a good glimpse into what her home environment is like. You are also going to be able to get to know her better this way.

5. Daily Events

Feel free to talk about how both of your days went. Were there any extraordinary or unusual occurrences that took place? If so, use these things as ammo for your conversations.

6. Your Personality

Try talking about your personality. This is especially important when you’re just starting to get to know one another. Also, you are showcasing your ability to be self-aware.

7. Her Personality

But you shouldn’t talk too much about yourself to the point that you come off as self-obsessed. Allow her to open up about her personality also. Let her tell you about what she’s like. This is another excellent way of getting to know more about her.

8. Relationship Goals/Principles

Exclusively dating, or is it an open game? Marriage in the future or not? Children after marriage? These are all things that you can talk about as you’re trying to get to know one another better in your relationship.

9. Professional Life

Talk about what the two of you do for a living. When you’re just getting to know one another, this is always going to be a great area to start. This is especially important if you’re looking to get into a long-term relationship with one another.

10. Personal Passions

Allow her to talk about her passions. There are very few things that are more attractive than a person who is freely talking about something that they’re passionate about. Let her talk about what she’s passionate about, and then do the same when it’s your turn as well.

11. Accomplishments

Be very careful about talking about your achievements because you might come off as arrogant. However, you have to show her that you’ve made something of yourself in life. Also, give her permission to do the same. It’s going to help build both of your confidence levels, and it will make the conversation easier.

12. Romantic History

If you get deep enough into a relationship with one another, feel free to talk about your romantic histories as well. You should be able to get this conversation out of the way.

13. Vacations and Holiday Destinations

Everyone would love to be able to see the world and go everywhere. The two of you are free to daydream about your favorite travel destinations. You can also share your travel experiences. Who knows? Maybe the two of you will end up traveling together in the future.

14. Funny Anecdotes

Try to inject a little humor into your conversations. You never want her to feel like you’re taking life too seriously. It’s also a very effective way of getting her to feel more comfortable about being with you. It’s going to subconsciously prompt her to let her guard down whenever you can make her laugh.

15. Current Events

But you also don’t want her to feel as if you don’t have depth and knowledge too. Try talking about current events and let her see that you have some sense of social involvement and awareness.

10 Things to talk about with a girl on the phone

Now, you aren’t always going to be talking to your girl’s face to face. With the advent of technology, there are many different ways in which you might communicate with a girl. One of those ways is talking on the phone.

Of course, talking on the phone isn’t as personal as talking face to face. However, that doesn’t mean that your conversations have to be stale and without life.

Here are a few talking points that you can use for your phone conversations. Refer down below for a list of things to talk about with a girl on the phone.

1. Hypotheticals

Hypotheticals are always a fun topic area. You could ask her some amusing hypothetical questions like, “What are the three wishes you would make for a genie?” or “If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?” You can get creative and have a lot of fun with questions like these.

2. Childhood Memories

Talking about childhood memories is a great way to open up about the kinds of pasts that the two of you have. This paints a better picture of your personality.

3. Careers

Go ahead and talk about stuff that happens at work. Phone conversations should be a safe space for you to vent about how much you hate your boss.

4. Potential Date/Hangout Ideas

If you’re serious about dating someone for the long-term, then feel free to talk about potential date or hangout ideas. Maybe there are certain restaurants, museums, or tourist attractions that you could visit together.

5. Favorite TV Shows

Who doesn’t love television, right? Talk about what kind of TV the two of you watch. Then, maybe you can propose to Netflix and chill.

6. Joys

Of course, talk about the things that make you both happy. Try to keep things as positive and light as possible. Ask her about the things that bring the most joy to her life. Then, try to open up about your personal joys as well.

7. Frustrations

Also, share your frustrations. You might be able to find some common ground here. Maybe you’re both frustrated with the government or with climate change. Whatever the case, you’re giving her an opportunity to vent.

8. Current Challenges

Talk about the current challenges that you are both facing in life. Maybe she might be going through some things at work, and she wants to talk about them. Prompt her to do so and let her know that she has a safe space to open up.

9. Common Interests

Find things that the two of you might be interested in and capitalize on them. When you’re both able to relate to something on a fundamental level, it can bring the two of you together.

10. Basic Differences

Of course, it’s also nice that you talk about your differences as human beings. However, be very careful to keep an open mind when you’re doing so. The purpose of bringing up differences is that you’re trying to expand your perspective on things.

Ten things to talk about with a girl over text

Texting is all the rage right now. There’s no denying it. More and more people are establishing and building their relationships through text messages.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might be an advantage for someone who isn’t necessarily quick on their feet when it comes to conversations.

When you’re texting, you get more time to think about the messages that you’re going to send another person. Your responses don’t always have to be so instantaneous.

And you get a lot more time to come up with a perfect message that will paint you in a good light. Here are a few examples of things to talk about with a girl over text.

1. Humor

Talk about funny things. Share memes that you found online. Give them a joke every so often. It’s always good whenever you can express a sense of humor to someone you like. It shows that you have a light heart and are fun to be with.

2. Recreational Activities

Everyone is going to have a form of recreation. Try to find out what her go-to recreational activities are and express an interest in them. If you have commonalities in this field, then capitalize on that.

3. Living Situation

Talk about what your living situations are like. Do you have a house? Are you renting a condo? Who else is living with you? This information just helps paint a better picture of your personality.

4. Favorite Food

Food. Food is always going to be a great equalizer. Almost everyone in the world loves food. So, go ahead and talk about your favorite food and restaurants. You might even be able to score a date this way.

5. Pop Culture

Pop culture might not necessarily be the most profound thing that you can talk about. But it’s still a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. You would want to be keeping things as light as possible when you’re texting anyway.

6. Pet Peeves

Of course, if you’re genuinely interested in being in a relationship with this woman, then you have to know what her pet peeves are. Try to find out what things annoy her the most so that you can make sure that you never do those things to her.

7. Turn-ons

If you are starting to get to know one another, you can also broach the topic of turn-ons. Ask your girl what things will make her feel a certain way.

8. Bucket List

Bucket list conversations are always fun because everyone always knows what they want to get out of life.

9. Movies, Music, and Literature

These three things are fundamental topic areas that you can use to get a conversation going. All people in the world will likely have a passionate feeling about at least one of these three things. So, try to capitalize on that and generate a whole discussion around these areas.

10. Pet Situation

Of course, you might need to discuss pet situations as well. Is she a dog or a cat person? Does she even like pets at all?

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