This is for the Guy Who Changed My Life

For the man who opened himself up to me even when he was scared to do so, this is for you. You were so willing to trust me with all of your intimate secrets. It doesn’t matter that this went against your very nature. After all, you were the type of guy who has so many deep thoughts. As a contemplative man, you harbor a lot of regrets about your past. There is so much depth within you. And sometimes, you can drown in your thoughts. That’s why I appreciate you acknowledging the need to open up to me. I appreciate you letting me in.

Conversely, you were also so good at inspiring me. You managed to show me just how valuable it is to be brave and courageous about facing the demons that are inside of you. Somehow, you were able to convince me that I also had it within me. Pretty much, you have shown me that I have what it takes inside of me to face all of the challenges that have been placed in front of me. You were always so good at making me feel like I could do it all on my own. However, you didn’t just do that. You were also really good at making me feel safe and secure in the fact that you were always going to be there for me.

Making Me Believe

You were always so willing to listen to me and pay attention. More than that, you were still so good at making me feel comfortable with expressing myself. I was never afraid of feeling judged or criticized whenever I opened my mouth. Somehow, you were so good at understanding me. I know that I’m not the most natural person to relate to. However, you never made it seem to be that way. You made me feel like you were able to relate to all of my fears, challenges, apprehensions, worries, and deepest insecurities. This is something that no one else has ever been able to do for me. But somehow, you found a way. And up to this day, I am utterly amazed by it. You always encouraged me to express myself. And it was still so easy for me because you made it easy.

For the man who always knew that something was wrong even when I didn’t have to say anything. You were always so persistent in trying to find out what was bothering me. More than anyone else, you were invested in my feelings. During the times when optimism and positivity were hard to come by, you were there for me. And you always succeeded in shedding a more positive light on my life. However, the most fantastic thing about all of this is that I know that you had the demons that you needed to address. Of course, you had your worries and problems. But you were so good at not making it seem that way. You always exuded strength because you know that that was the kind of power that I needed from you.

Finding My Strength

You were always so good at demonstrating your strength and courage to me. Most other people would have just hidden out of fear and insecurity. However, you were never afraid of showing your face. You were always so willing to show your face and wear your heart on your sleeve. During your most vulnerable moments, you always made me feel special when you called me up to open yourself up to me. Somehow, it made me feel more connected to you. And I always found it so strange how our most vulnerable experiences were what brought the two of us a lot closer together.

You instilled in me the idea of just taking things one day at a time. And ever since then, that’s how I have lived. Since then, my life changed for the better. And it’s all because of you. I just stopped worrying about all of the things that were beyond my control. And I focused all of my energy on the things that I could still change for the better. I had the energy to do all of this because I met you. And for that, I am incredibly thankful.

I am probably never going to meet another like you in my lifetime. And that’s okay. Honestly, just having you is enough.

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