This Is The Woman She Became After You Broke Her

She loved you with all of her heart, mind, and soul. She gave you everything that she had. She gave you tall the choices. She threw the ball in your court. And this is what you did to her. You just chose to break her heart.

She gave everything that she could possibly give to you and you still chose to destroy her. She was so willing to turn her whole life around just so you would be able to fit right into it, but you still abandoned her. She was so ready to give you all of her trust and loyalty, but you just chose to completely betray her. She made so many sacrifices, but you never felt the need to do the same. You never felt compelled to show her that she was worth it.

She was ready to shower you with the kind of love that most people spend entire lifetimes trying to find, but you just chose to squander that opportunity. You just cast her aside. You never really showed her that you gave a damn. You never really made her feel safe and secure in her love for you. You never really made her feel like any of her efforts were enough.

Instead of holding her hand and making her feel like she could always count on you to face her problems with, you just always let her feel like she was alone. Instead of making her feel like you were ready to take care of her, you just chose to focus on your own selfish desires and wants. You chose to abandon her in the absolute worst way possible. You ripped her chest open, grabbed her heart, and broke it in half. The pain that she felt when you left her was unlike any other pain she had ever experienced before.

And the worst part? How easy it was for you to do something like that. It was so disturbing for her to witness you just ruthlessly break her heart like that without any remorse. It broke her even more to know that you had absolutely no problems with hurting her and leaving her behind. It just completely destroyed her when she saw you walking away with a huge smile on your face as if she meant nothing to you.

She was dying on the inside and you barely made it seem like you were affected by anything that was happening around you.

As that old Kanye song goes, “How could you be so heartless?”

How could you do that to her? How can you sleep at night? How can you face the world knowing that you broke a girl whose only mistake was falling in love with you in the first place? She never really did anything to wrong you. She never did anything to hurt or offend you. She always made sure that you were happy and comfortable. She did whatever she could to make you feel appreciated and loved.

But did you do the same for her? Did you offer her the same kind of courtesy? Did you show her that none of her efforts were in vain and that you were willing to go the extra mile for her too? No. You didn’t. You didn’t do any of that for her.

She gave you an amazing kind of love. And she deserved nothing less than the best from you. She deserved to have her efforts validated and appreciated. She deserved to have her love reciprocated. She deserved to be accepted and valued. She deserved to be held in the arms of a guy who shielded her from all of the harms, threats, and insecurities that surround her life.

But she didn’t get any of that. Instead, she got you. And that’s tough luck for her. Because you never gave her any of those things. You never even tried. You didn’t even think it important to exert the least bit of effort. You didn’t think that she was worth your time. You just considered her like a mere option. You labeled her as a mere placeholder until someone better came along.

But she considered you to be her whole world.

You completely broke her. You have ruined the idea of love for her. You have convinced her that love is difficult and hard to find. You have somehow made her believe that she isn’t worthy of love no matter how much effort she puts into it. You have just destroyed the fantasies of romance that she held on to for so long.

It’s all your fault that her once vibrant and colorful heart is now broken and made of shattered glass. It’s your fault that this girl; the one who only wanted full happiness and fulfilment for you… is no longer happy.

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  1. In all of it’s entirety, everything said here indicates being in a relationship with a narcissist who’s not capable of having any compassion, empathy, or loving anyone but themselves. None of this is her fault and nothing is wrong with her. She feels broken but she’s only bent. She can get on the other side of this through hurting, healing and turning all that love inward towards herself and other meaningful persons, places and things. Cold turkey, full stoppage, never saying another word to him will get you to the other side of this. Don’t allow him to slowly real you back in, he’ll do it all over again. THEY DO NOT CHANGE‼️

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