An Open Letter To The Girl Who Just Deserved To Love Someone Better

I respect you for always being willing to give your heart to another person even though your heart is fragile and susceptible to pain.

I respect you so much because of your strength. I know that so many people have already told you that you are just too dumb and that’s why you got your heart broken in the first place. I am here to tell you that you’re not dumb at all. You should never have to feel like an idiot just because you fell in love with someone who didn’t deserve you. It takes an unbelievable amount of bravery and determination to fall in love with someone who just doesn’t seem right for you and you did. You shouldn’t be beating yourself up over that. You are as brave as people come. 

I respect you so much for allowing yourself to fall in love. We need more love in this darkening world and you did your part. You let yourself fall as people should. You gathered up the strength that was necessary to fall in love with a person who was less than deserving of that love. But you still chose to give it anyway out of the goodness of your heart and the purity of your soul. I respect you so much because despite all of the pain and the disappointment that you were enduring, you still chose to stick things out. You still tried your best to make things work out. You had plenty of reasons to just get up and leave, but no, you took the difficult route. You chose to fight for the love that you so desperately wanted to make work. 

I respect you for always believing that any person has the capacity to change. You were always an optimist when it came to peoples’ spirits. You genuinely believed that he would eventually correct himself; he would turn himself into the kind of guy who was actually worthy of being with you. You thought that if you loved him enough, he would eventually turn into the guy who deserved to receive that love. You believed that one day, he would just make the decision to become a better person because of your love. You always choose to see the good in people even when they are all drowning in the bad. You always hoped that eventually, he would just open his heart up to the one person who gave him more love than anyone else in this world. But he never did. And you never complained. 

I respect you for always being willing to give your heart to another person even though your heart is fragile and susceptible to pain. You knew how best to take care of your heart and you knew it was dangerous to place into his hands, but still, you did because you understood that that’s what it takes to make a love work. You ended up paying the price for it, but you wouldn’t have done it any other way if you had the chance to go back. You are always so open and so accepting of people even when they continually slam a door in your face. I very much respect you for always offering people a hand to hold even though they never reciprocated the gesture to you. I respect you very much for always being willing to hand your time over to the people you love the most even though they deserve none of it. 

I respect you very much for always standing strong in your principles and philosophies in life. You always managed to construct a very strong personality that projects itself on the people that you meet every day. Everyone knows the kind of pain that you had to endure when you were still together. And even though they tell you that you’re stupid for allowing yourself to prolong the agony in such a way, deep down inside, they are jealous of your strength. They know they wouldn’t have been able to fare as well as you if they had been placed in that situation. 

I respect you for the kind of resolve that you presented when you just chose to stay with him. It takes a great deal of audacity to just commit to a person wholeheartedly even though that person only sees you as something temporary. You deserved so much more than you got. And now that things are over, I hope you still find the strength to fight for the love that you think you deserve.

Yes, the pain may seem unbearable now, but you have proven yourself again and again that you are able to endure. Just try your best to maintain your perspective on love and in life. Make sure that you don’t let fear paralyze you into submission. Allow yourself to love others the way that you want to be loved. And eventually, you will find the love that you will deserve; and you will finally be given the happiness that you so long for. 

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