This Is What They Don’t Tell You About Meeting The Right Guy At The Wrong Time

Time is something that has been discussed, debated, scrutinized, studied, analyzed, theorized, and explained by so many great philosophers, scientists, and everyday human beings throughout the course of history.

It seems like a very abstract concept but it gives a lot of structure and order to the way that we go about everyday life. And it’s true that time can have an impactful and profound effect on the lives of all of us, this is especially true in love and relationships.

The truth is that not a lot of people really understand the concept of time and how it plays a major role in relationships. Sometimes, you could be lucky enough to meet a person who you feel like is genuinely right for you.

The two of you click and you hit it off fairly easily and early in your relationship. There’s just something about the two of you that ignites sparks. You begin to imagine your future together as a couple. You already daydream about the kind of life that you have together.

And everything is going so well for the two of you until you realize that your partner has to leave you. Maybe they’ve been reassigned to another country or state. Maybe they have decided to pursue their studies in a foreign land. Whatever, the case, you feel like it’s a situation that is beyond your control.

You think that you had the perfect right love and it just came at the wrong time. You blame the universe. You blame fate. You blame destiny. You blame time for not being on your side. You blame everything around you that you could possibly blame because you know that none of it is your fault. But here’s the thing… you still have control of that situation even when you don’t think that you do.

Your relationship didn’t have to end just because your partner had to go away. Your relationship didn’t have to end because it wasn’t the right time for you to be together.

Your relationship didn’t end because destiny didn’t allow the two of you to find success in love. Your relationship ended because you didn’t fight for it. Your relationship ended because you thought that it would be best for you to just give up on it. And that’s the real truth that you’ve been trying to tuck away.

That’s the real truth that you’ve been ignoring for so long. You weren’t victimized by fate. You chose to give up when fate dealt you your hand. You mucked your cards. You folded. And instead of placing your bets in yourself, you just chose to walk away from the table entirely.

No, you do not get the right to be talking to your friends about all the “what ifs” surrounding your supposed romance. You don’t get to pine over the “if only” situations in your head. You don’t get to say “maybe if we had met at another time” and be okay with it. You had your time. This was your shot.

This was your chance and you just blew it. You threw it all away. You didn’t believe in your love. There was an opportunity for you to make things work but you crumbled underneath all of the pressure and you blamed it on the universe. That’s not how it works.

Your failure to fight for your relationship shouldn’t be blamed on time, destiny, fate, or circumstance. It was your own shortcoming and you have to live up to that.

The real truth is that we never really meet the right people at the wrong time. The right people are those who stay in your life regardless of time and space.

And if you feel like that person was worth giving up on, then he wasn’t the right person for you and vice versa. The right people are always going to fight for you.

The right people will stay in your life and help you become a better person. The right people are always going to make sure that you never have to question their love for you. The right people are going to fight for you no matter what the circumstances are. The right people will always make sure that you are cared for.

You never have to worry about the right person making the time to be with you. It would just happen. And you would never have to worry about finding the motivation to accommodate the right person into your life. It’s something that just happens intrinsically.

It’s all a matter of meeting the right person. It has nothing to do with time, distance, or circumstance. It’s just about finding the right love.

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