This Young Couple Got Married After Dating For Two Weeks

We firmly believe in true love – it has no timelines and knows no bounds. Such is the case for Trey & Clara – a couple who got married after merely two weeks of dating!

The two knew each other in the past, where they dated for a while and then parted ways due to different schools. But now, they made a massive return by meeting each other again, dating, and then deciding to tie the knot.

Clara spoke to Kennedy News and Media about how Trey proposed the idea:

“We were dating for two weeks before the wedding. We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea – we eloped.”

The event was simple – consisting of $4 rings and a wedding service of around $200. Clara & Trey really broke a lot of expectations by marrying this way – we love it! You don’t need a super-expensive or elaborate wedding to prove your love for one another; all you need is love.

Clara made the big announcement on her TikTok; the video of them holding each other at the beautiful beach gained more than five million views.

Their wedding didn’t have attendance since the family couldn’t move to their wedding location in Florida on such short notice. It was quite a shock for everyone in the family, but they slowly grasped and happily accepted the couple’s wedding.

According to Clara:

“Our families didn’t attend because it was so last minute – it was literally just the two of us. There was a minister who we had come to the beach with a photographer, but that was it.”

“Our families were certainly surprised.”

“I hadn’t told my parents about Trey. So not only did I have to say I was married, I had to introduce them to my husband because they didn’t know him.

While talking about how life feels after getting married, Clara said:

“I’d say we’re still in the honeymoon stage. Marriage is definitely difficult, but not extremely difficult.”

“We didn’t have premarital counseling or anything, so we’ve had to work things out when it comes to us having different opinions about stuff or how things should be done.

“We have different expectations of how things like cleaning should be done. It was also kind of difficult in the beginning in terms of getting our families on track.”

About whether she would recommend others to follow in their footsteps, Clara told Kennedy News:

“I wouldn’t recommend that everybody does it, but for us, I feel like it was the right decision,”

We wish the young couple lots of happiness and joy as they start their journey together!

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