Woman Shares How Her Tinder Date Fully Supported Her When She Gave Birth to Her Ex’s Baby

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This incredible story of true love and affection comes from Brisbane, Australia. It’s about a mother, 20 years old, who was looking for a relationship when she was six months pregnant with her ex’s baby. She found a man who turned out to be everyone’s favorite, someone who supported and loved her without question.

When You’re In Love, Nothing Else Matters

Alyssa Hodges from Brisbane made an account on Tinder when she was six months pregnant – stating everything clearly in her bio. Her ex was out of the picture and she was looking for love. A few swipes later, she stumbled across a man, 25-year-old Max Silvy, and the two instantly matched.

The two felt a connection, a real connection. They went on three dates together. When they were supposed to go on their fourth date, Alyssa was supposed to pick Max up from the airport as he was coming back from a work trip – but her water broke and she rushed to the hospital. Max rushed to the hospital and stood by Alyssa’s side.

According to Alyssa:

“I was about six and a half months pregnant when I went on Tinder, and I clearly stated that on my bio.”

“I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest. I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat.”

“Max travels a lot for work so we’d only seen each other three times before he ended up coming to my birth.”

“On the day I went into labour, I was meant to be picking Max up from the airport as he was coming back from a work trip.”

“That was the plan, but I ended up texting him, saying: ‘I’m so sorry, you’ll have to get a taxi. I’m going into labour’.”

“He hopped into a taxi when he got off the plane and came to the hospital and was there for me.”

“My mum was also there supporting me. But she had a holiday, so she was here and there. Max was there for me through the whole labour and birth.”

“The labour lasted on and off for about a week. I’d be sent home and come back into the hospital for a period of four to five days.”

“I was contracting for those days and Max was with me the whole time. The birth itself was about seven hours.”

After the birth of Ollie, Max took time off from work to support and help Alyssa. She spoke about it:

“He took the week off afterwards when I had no-one to help me look after Ollie.”

“We both knew that we liked each other and had strong feelings for each other. But the birth was the peaking point of our relationship, it bonded us.”

“Looking back, I know it was the best decision ever. I’m so glad he was there.”

“Motherhood is a big adjustment for anybody, especially with me being younger. But Max taking a week off from work really helped.”

“I had the baby blues. I was really upset and didn’t know what I was doing.”

“I felt alone and Max carried me through that week. Every time I couldn’t do something, Max picked me up. He’s set me up to succeed in motherhood.”

“Even though I knew I liked him at the time, anything could have happened. I’d just been in a relationship where I thought it would last, and it didn’t.”

“So I did think ‘What if this doesn’t work out?’, but it has and it was the best decision. I don’t regret it.”

Max also talked about being a part of Alyssa’s life and how it made him feel:

“There was something that caught my eye about Alyssa. Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.”

“I wouldn’t say the experience was overwhelming but I was anxious. I hadn’t prepared mentally the way Alyssa had, so coming in late [like I did] was a rapid process.”

“Anxiety was the biggest thing. There were so many unknowns, so many things that I didn’t know about becoming a dad.”

“There’s a lot of learning that comes with being a new dad, but me and Ollie are bonding quite well.”

Alyssa also talked about how her family was initially worried about Max but their doubts soon washed away as he turned out to be an amazing man.

“My family were taken aback by our relationship. When I told my mum that Max was with me at the hospital, she was very hesitant about it.”

“She was saying ‘What if you guys break up?’. She didn’t understand why anybody would want to be with someone who was pregnant and take such a big responsibility on.”

“She told me I needed to think carefully about it. But at the same time, she was saying Max was a lovely guy and she hoped it’d work out for us.”

Alyssa & Max are now raising and nurturing Ollie together. The couple plans on moving in together soon.

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  1. I have almost the SAME EXACT STORY. Mine just included an adoption process with my baby and my man didn’t come from tinder. He happened to be my former boss!!

    More stories like this need to be heard! I’m the end LOVE WINS!

  2. I have a similar story too! Met my fiance when I was 5 months pregnant and he was there for her birth! That was over 6 years ago now and we had another little girl this past June ❤️

  3. That is so awesome !!! There are still good guys out there that care . This is the best stories I’ve read in a long time !!! Much Love to you two and Congratulations !!! ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯🌹🌹🌹

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