Tiktok Woman Goes Viral as She works “Remotely” while Cruising on a Boat

Credits: @averyncmm on TikTok

When the pandemic first hit back in 2020, millions of people sat at home because of lockdowns. For some time, companies couldn’t figure out how to continue work as people were required to maintain social distance and were not allowed to go outside their homes.

But necessity is the mother of invention, so soon businesses became digitized, and companies introduced the remote work aka ‘work from home’ option for its employees. 

Since then, remote jobs have become a thing. Despite the fact that Covid has been contained and people have been vaccinated, many companies still allow their employees to work remotely from the comfort of their homes for a lot of reasons.

Although it is still considered a privilege, not everyone can avail of this option.

Recently a video went viral on TikTok in which a woman is working on her laptop while she enjoys her boat ride.

In her five-second quick video update, she shared that she’s remotely working but still having the time of her life.

In her viral video, the TikToker, username @averyncmm, wrote,

Remote ‘workers’ on a Wednesday at 2 p.m.”

She used several hashtags along with the one-line caption; work from home, remote worker, work-life balance, working remotely, Gen Z worker, work humor, corporate life, etc.

The video gained almost 3.6 Million views with thousands of comments and has sparked a debate on the social media platform about the perks and privileges of remote working.  

According to some users, this is not a proper “work behavior,” and she should be fired from her job as she is not doing justice to her work.

On the contrary, several other users agreed with her work ethic and said that as long as the quality of her work is not affected, it doesn’t matter where she chooses to take her work.

 “We’re adults,” one person commented. “If the work gets done, what does it matter? I’ll be working ‘remotely’ while touring the US national parks next year, and I can’t wait.”

“Sent this to my bosses,” said another commenter. “They say as long as my work gets done, I could work from wherever.”

“I tell my employees that as long as you are getting work done, I don’t care where you do it,” another person wrote.

Some people shared their remote job experiences and said that their circumstances or job requirements do not allow them to move places as they work, let alone have fun. 

 “This is why I want to work remotely, but they’re all like, ‘you gotta live in a certain place,’ “Why? I’m working from home.” a sarcastic user said.

“My current job gave me an entire desktop that has to be wired,” another TikToker shared.

“I must admit I get so salty when I see something like this because I had to teach 1st graders remotely from an empty classroom because no one trusted teachers to be working,” a user complained.

The viral video started a never-ending debate, and people are somehow having fun with it.


@averyncmm on TikTok

Images & Featured Images via @averyncmm on TikTok

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