TikToker Shares Heartbreaking Story of Being Sent Back Home By Her Date in an Uber Because of Her Dress

via @nikki.jabs on TikTok

Our Stories section is filled with tales of bad dates – but this one is genuinely hurtful and sad. It comes from a woman who was sent back home in an Uber because of her outfit not meeting the man’s needs.

It Started Off Pretty Well

Nikki Jabs, a TikToker, met a man online, and they seemed compatible at first. After a few weeks of dating, he asked her to live with her. He also said a lot of lovely things like:

“I don’t want this weekend to end.”

“How could I have been so lucky?”

Posting a video on her TikTok, Nikki’s excitement and happiness are clearly visible, and the girl seems to be truly happy with this man.

Greg, the man of this story, was apparently so happy with Nikki that he even changed the code to his door and set it to Nikki’s birthday. She moved in with him, hoping for a healthy relationship.

A good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfection but still loves you for who you are.

Things were looking up and starting to take off for the couple. Until one evening when Nikki was supposed to go with Greg to dinner and then to an office function arranged by Greg’s company.

Downhill, Really Fast

On the night of the date, Nikki looked fabulous as ever – wearing a beautiful outfit. But things seemed off. According to Nikki, Greg kept staring at her as if she’d done something wrong.

Nikki asked:

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

To which, Greg responded:

“Oh nothing. You just… you just look so pretty.”

Nikki, feeling that the vibes were totally off, asked:

“Is that your way of telling me that I’m overdressed?”

Greg responded:

“Well, maybe not for dinner.”

That’s when Nikki asked him if she should go home and change – feeling that Greg thought she wasn’t dressed well enough for his office event.

During dinner, Nikki stood her ground and told Greg that she was going to the event the way she was dressed or going home. And that’s when Greg asked her if he could call her an Uber.

Nikki Rightfully Breaks it Off

After going through this painful ordeal – Nikki broke up with Greg and moved back to her living space. We think she did the right thing by not getting involved with someone who shows so many toxic signs and red flags.

You’re a Queen, Nikki

Nikki Jabs, if you’re reading this, we think your outfit was gorgeous, and you looked beautiful! It’s good that things happened the way they did because you saved yourself from an even bigger heartbreak in the future.

We hope you find someone who respects you and can cherish you; more power to you!

You can follow Nikki on her TikTok here.


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  1. I think you should count your blessings you got out of a toxic relationship before this went far worse ! He really did you a favor even though it hurt. Hold your head up high-there will be somebody out there who will appreciate you for you!!!

  2. I’m assuming that my phone is being stupid and not letting me see the pictures but if not then a picture would be necessary for us to decide I think but if he thought she was not dressed up enough he should have told her that before they left the house and told her that it was a fancy dinner or whatever there’s no reason to be like that and I don’t understand his comment well not for dinner I don’t understand that. You can’t live with somebody who can’t tell you before you leave the house that something isn’t good enough or be specific about the date before you leave the house like it’s what I mean

  3. I am so sorry he did this to you. You met a perfect example of a narcissist. What he did to you is their game.

  4. what red flag and what toxicity?
    She was over dressed. What if it was the opposite situation? Going with her to a wedding of a family member or whatever, then appearing in totally off outfit? Is it a big deal that i go back? That makes her toxic and “massive red flag”?
    The man loved her. She loved him. One ordeal. One. That’s all we learned. Enough to make y’all judgmental about the entire relationship and calling him toxic?
    You mean to tell me she didn’t do him any wrong during the years they’ve been together? A saint dating satan? Fudge off. Y’all salty single and lonely

  5. Be happy it happened now. He is a selfish pig narcissist.. It will only get worse, one time and they get away with it, then it happens again and again and gets worse.. The is what the control is all about. Glad you went home in the Uber and left him..

  6. where do you women get the concept that it was a TOXIC relationship. TOXIC is 2 ppl at each others throats and bring out the worst in each other!!! all he did was provide her a home, take her to a dinner and then to an opening at his job, she looked nice FOR THE NIGHTCLUB!!! not for a grand oppening and first impression with his friends, HE SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT HER A BLACK COCTAIL DRESS!!!!! you should ALL have a black cocktail dress for FORMAL OCCASIONS!!!! unfortunately it was a poor choice of an outfit, THEY ARE BOTH RESPONSIBLE, he should have said something before they left the house and she should have dressed MORE PROFFESSIONALLY!!!! because SHE WAS GOING TO MEET HIS EMPLOYER, the source of the money and the home HE shared with her. unfortunately someone didn’t teach her how to dress appropiately for the occasion. so the relationship wasn’t TOXIC, you CAN’T be TOXIC in 3 weeks, it was a misunderstanding and she oved out, BYE!!!!! AND i bet $20 they’re back together again

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