Titan Sub Run Out of Control During Previous Voyage, Resurfaced Footage Shows

Resurfaced footage of the doomed Titan sub-vessel shows the vessel had spun out of control.

On a previous journey in the now-perished Titan submersible, a pilot lost control of the vessel when it started spinning at 360 degrees with five passengers on board.

In footage published in a BBC documentary in 2022, viewers can see the ill-fated vessel spinning out of control.

“We have a problem,” former pilot Scott Griffith told his crew members while journeying to see the Titanic wreckage.

“There’s something wrong with my thrusters. I’m thrusting, and nothing is happening,” he said.

According to The Mirror, one of the thrusters of the sub was mounted the wrong way – means as one thruster propelled the vessel in one direction, the other pulled it in the opposite direction.

“Titan ultimately started spinning in circles, and terrified crew members had to wait for hours while CEO Stockton Rush worked to address the issue from the mother ship,” The Mirror wrote.

“You know what I was thinking, we’re not going to make it,” passenger Reneta Rojas told the BBC. “We’re literally 300m (600 feet) from the Titanic, and although we are already in the debris field, we can’t go anywhere but go in circles.”

In the footage, Reneta could be seen putting her head in her hands while her anxiety peaked.

The crew then reprogrammed the video game controller that controlled the submersible.

“We were just so happy we had figured out how to move forward,” said Rojas. “We started clapping inside the submersible and saying ‘Yes we can go.'”

Reneta and the crew successfully completed their journey; visited the Titanic wreckage, and came back safe and sound.

When they returned from the voyage and complained about the thrusters malfunctioning to CEO Rush, he dismissed their concerns.

“Almost every deep-sea sub makes a noise at some point,” he told them.

Last week, the remains of the imploded Titanic-bound submersible were seen for the first time since the horrible tragedy that killed all the five men on board.

The missing Titan submersible suffered a catastrophic implosion killing all five men on board; US Coast Guard confirmed last week on Thursday, June 22.

It was reported that the Titanic-bound submersible that went missing on Sunday with a crew of five men on board suffered a ‘catastrophic implosion,’ shattering pieces of the unfortunate vessel and killing everyone on board.

The US Coast Guard confirmed that a debris field on the ocean floor had been discovered in the search operation for the missing Titan submersible.

Now, the wreckage of the doomed vessel has been found by a US Coast Guard ship Sycamore and Horizon Arctic from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and has been unloaded at the Canadian Coast Guard pier in St John’s, Newfoundland.

It was believed to have been caused by a sudden change in pressure. The submersible was designed to withstand pressures up to 1,000psi, but experts suspected that the pressure inside the submersible exceeded this limit, causing it to implode.

After recovering the debris and evidence from the seafloor, the US Coast Guard received it at a Canadian pier.

The photos of the wreckage were analyzed by an associate professor of mechanical and marine engineering at Plymouth University, Jasper Graham-Jones, who said the implosion was definitely caused by the weak carbon fiber hull of the vessel.

“Though it is impossible to reach a definitive conclusion from these pictures alone, he said the most likely scenario was that the carbon-fiber hull gave way under the enormous pressure of the ocean depths,” per Insider.

In a devastating update, the company behind the deadly voyage confirmed the news of their death and said all five people have been lost. This means that their bodies may never be recovered as they have perished in the unforgiving ocean.

“This is an incredibly unforgiving environment down there on the sea floor, and the debris is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel,” said Mauger, the First Coast Guard District Commander.

“I can only imagine what this has been like for them, and I hope that this discovery provides some solace during this difficult time,” Mauger added.

Minutes before the press briefing, the company that operated the Titan sub issued a statement and confirmed that the crew has perished in an implosion under the deep sea.

“We now believe that our CEO Stockton Rush, Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding, and Paul-Henri Nargeolet, have sadly been lost,” OceanGate said in a statement.

The people on board have been identified as Stockton Rush, the CEO of OceanGate Expeditions; British billionaire Hamish Harding; French dive expert Paul Henry Nargeolet; and prominent Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman.

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Source: The Mirror

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