Amber Heard Bursts into Tears While Telling Everyone in Court Not to Call Her a Liar

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard have been in a constant legal battle ever since 2018 when Heard wrote an op-ed on Johnny Depp for The Washington Post which described him as a disturbed individual and horrible husband. Ever since then, Johnny Depp has suffered massive losses in his career – most importantly, losing his role of “Jack Sparrow” in the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean sequel.

For the past two months, Johnny Depp has been trying to prove his innocence by going into trial with his ex-wife where he released a lot of never-heard-before audio recordings of Ms. Heard screaming at him. This trial was brought forward by Johnny Depp and is still ongoing as both Johnny & Amber give their testimonies in court.

In one of the recent trial footage, Amber Heard can be seen crying as she tells everyone in court not to call her a liar. As an audio recording of Johnny & Amber was being played for court during Amber’s testimony, she was asked to explain what she was talking about in the recording – that’s when she burst into tears.

Amber Heard explained to the court:

“That I don’t want to call myself a victim. I don’t like to think of myself as a victim. And I don’t want him to think that I’m attacking him or blaming him. I’m pointing out I didn’t cooperate with the police. That I didn’t want to get him in trouble. That I didn’t want to hurt him or want anything from him. Just don’t call me a liar; it’s all I said; just don’t call me a liar. Just don’t say this isn’t real because I’m the walking proof of it.”

Watch Amber Heard Cross Examination By Johnny Depp’s Lawyer:

While all of this is going on, a massive petition on has surpassed a whopping 4 million signatures to get Amber Heard removed from the upcoming Aquaman sequel. Johnny Depp, while suffering huge losses in Hollywood, is going to be making his big-screen debut in French cinema soon where he plays the role of King Louis XV.

As this trial slowly reaches its conclusion, it’s still very hard to see where it’s going and how it’s going to play out. Johnny Depp’s fans from all over the world are rooting for him to win – but it all depends on what happens in court.

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  1. She is a liar 🤥
    She can’t even keep her story straight!!! And thats what it is, a story made up by Mz. Turd!!!
    Sh!tty story made up 🙄

  2. Funny how she said the same thing when he supposedly slapped her in the doorway and supposedly hit her with the phone “Johnny you hit me, you just hit me” and now that psych doc is lying and his bodyguard and everyone else that is not on her side. Oh and I guess her ex assistant is lying too when Amber took her story. This bitch is deranged

  3. So sad, her pain is real. Mr. Depp needs to check himself. You don’t treat a woman like a verbal punching bag period!

    1. As a Sexual Assualt/ Abused survivor, I respectfully ask you to check yourself. Because, there is NO WAY she is being honest! I can tell you every DETAIL of my many different ordeals. But, she “doesn’t remember” anything she is asked about. I try everyday to forget yet, 20 years later it still plays in my heads like a tape recorder. I have just learnt how to manage it instead of it managing me.
      Not to mention, do you know anything about body language? Her body language screams liar 🤥!!!! Nothing she says even makes sense (those who have really been in those shoes know) Pay attention to even her tone of voice.

      1. The worse part is they are trying to say she is BPD and HPD where as I only see HPD and idk how they gave her a BPD diagnosis because they also say she has no PTSD where BPD comes from being put through trauma… I don’t get her or the Psychiatrist she hired I don’t get it and I am BPD and we can be some of the most empathetic people… But I don’t get her the only thing I see is Narcissistic behavior on top of the HPD.

  4. She gets PAID to LIE every time she’s in a movie “pretending” to be something/someone she ‘s not ! She makes her living lying to audiences in movie theaters. She is paid to CRY on demand, as the movie requires. Why should a courtroom be any different for her, than a movie set? She lives in a make believe world, created by writers………and she’s making believe once again on the stand. It’s easy to see that she has someone coaching her about her behavior in court. Truth be told.

  5. I think she antagonized him, cornering him until all he could do was scream at her. He clearly tried to remove himself from the situations. She was jealous of not getting all of his attention. I do believe she loved him but I believe she is mentally ill.

  6. How in the world hasn’t anybody asked why there are bo recordings of fights that’s turned physical? Clearly she’s recorded as much as she possibly could For the sole purpose of weapon using the conversations…. But how is it that not a single one of the fights ever escalated the way she’s claiming? I don’t even have this many recordings if my children growing up…. This was all clearly premeditated. She’s disgusting! If the bearings and abuse were so consistent and she was so frightened…. Why didn’t she escape? Instead, she stuck around, differed multiple violent attacks and not a single escalation was captured on her recordings. She’s so full of shit

  7. She’s a liar a manipulator and narcissist… A user a back stabber… She is disloyal she likes to twist things… She is not a victim she is a greedy self-centered entitled brat

  8. Amber Heard is a narcissist who is also bipolar. She is a compulsive liar. I think she’s making a fool of herself in court. None of Johnny Depp’s ex wives or girlfriends have reported any domestic violence from him. An abuser starts abusing early in life, usually with their first partner in a romantic relationship. They don’t all of a sudden start in their late 40s. There are so many witnesses that saw her after the alleged violence but no one saw any swelling or bruises. I find it hard to believe that she didn’t seek any medical attention, especially when she said he raped her with a bottle and she had vaginal bleeding, and when she “broke her nose “ twice. It’s unusual that she didn’t take pictures of herself after these horrendous beatings. There were however pictures of Johnny with cuts, bruising and swelling. She would never have been able to hide her injuries with makeup.

    It’s sad that their personal lives were invaded this way for the whole world to see. I understand why Johnny is suing her. She purposely slammed his reputation and it did hurt his career. Also, men do not usually report abuse from their partner. I think this will encourage men to report it and not feel embarrassed or judged.

  9. Wow! An actual journalist reporting facts and not throwing her personal opinion out there. Good job!

  10. She’s a narcissist and an embarrassment of a woman. Better yet not even a woman. A real woman would not sink so low accusing a man for something he didn’t do. Only lowlifes do that. She’s a disgrace of a woman. My heart goes out to Johnny because no one should be going through abuse not even a man. As a woman and a victim of abuse, I am offended by her false accusations, she’s a menace to herself and others.

  11. She is acting for the jury, everytime she answers a question she snaps her head towards the jury like she taking a cue or the words “Action” clearly she is a faking liar. Narcissist.

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