Video Shows Woman Struggling with Security Before Going Off Cruise Ship into the Ocean

A strange incident occurred on February 17th, 2022. A woman from Baton Rouge, who was on a cruise with her husband on Carnival Valor, jumped off the deck while being stopped by security.

She was heard screaming “Alicia” before she made a run for it and fell off the cruise ship. Footage circulating online shows the nameless woman screaming and shouting while security was tried restraining her to get her to calm down, it can be seen below.

The 32-year-old woman apparently got into an “incident” at the hot tub, leading to her screaming and shouting. Everyone on the cruise was shaken up while it was happening. The woman was seen hitting her head before falling into the ocean.

Search immediately began for the woman, but it ended when the woman couldn’t be found. Kim Barnette, a passenger on the cruise, told WAFB:

“Security got her out of the hot tub. Whenever they got to take her into custody, apparently she was upset and went over the rail. And, that was at about 2:30,”

“There are some lifeboats there that apparently she hit on the way down. Which when it hit, it was pretty loud, and of course, there was a disturbance here on the ship, which made me go on my balcony on deck 7,”

“The feeling onboard the ship right now is a little subdued. Of course, most people are at dinner or in their cabins. There’s not a lot of activity that you see going on board, that you see with people. Because everybody is praying for the family because it’s a pretty bad situation,”

“We continue to pray for the family, and let everybody know that the rest of us are okay on board the Valor. We’re just eating dinner and making the best of a bad situation and praying for the family,”

Another Passenger, Randy, told WAFB:

“And when she jumped off, she apparently hit her head on the side of the boat. And, then she hit the water face first,”

The Coast Guard continued their search for about 14 hours before suspending their search on Thursday. The woman from Baton Rouge is presumed dead at the time of writing this article.

This is a developing story, we will update this post if anything comes to light.

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Source: WAFB

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  1. Sad situation, they should install safety nets or something that passengers try to do acts like this out of haste etc they can be safe and protected. So sad, hoping she is recovered so that her family can have closure.

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