Weird Things Couples Do – Embracing the Weirdness

Weird things couples do

When you get into a relationship with someone, it’s only normal for you to be engaging in behavior that might be considered weird. After all, part of getting comfortable with someone means being authentic. And when you’re authentic, you don’t try to hide the odd parts of your personality anymore. You might already be familiar with the weird things couples do. Actually, you might have already been exposed to these relationships yourself.

All couples are going to have their personalities. A relationship will always take a life of its own since. Because everyone has their personality traits and characteristics. Hence, they bring these traits into their relationships as well. Indeed, that’s part of the charm of being in an intimate relationship with someone. You can create a link that you can call your own.

Authenticity is always going to be important in any relationship. However, when you are authentic, there’s just no escaping the occasional weirdness. There are plenty of couples who engage in strange behavior. That’s the truth. There’s no point in trying to hide it. After all, we all engage in it whenever we’re in relationships. Whether you admit it or not, you’re going to do weird things with your partner. There are some odd things couples do regardless of how cool they might think they are.

Embracing the Weirdness

If you’re becoming curious about what kind of weird behavior some couples might be doing, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to highlight just some of the weird things couples do when they get comfortable with each other. Granted, your relationship might be the same. It might be different. The point here is that no couple is going to be immune to this phenomenon. Without further ado, here are a few examples of weird things couples do together.

1. Doing Nothing

It might seem weird, but a lot of the relationships in the world aren’t going to be so exciting all of the time. Most relationships are composed of couples just sitting around and doing nothing. And even though that might seem weird, it’s just a natural aspect of any relationship. After all, love isn’t always going to be a fast-paced rollercoaster that most people think. Part of being stable with your partner is being comfortable enough with them to do nothing.

2. Talking About Poop

Expect that you’re going to be talking about poop a lot with your partner. And it is not just about the poop either. You’re going to be talking about a lot of gross stuff that you wouldn’t be talking to other people about. Naturally, this won’t’ be so weird for you because of how comfortable you are with one another. However, you have to consider that it’s weird under normal circumstances. It just so happens that you’re already really comfortable with one another.

3. Using Each Other as Furniture

You know what we’re talking about here. Think back to the last time the two of you were lying together on the couch. You were likely tempted to rest your head on your partner’s lap or shoulder. This is something that happens all the time. Heck, some people in relationships even use their partners as footstools. This isn’t that weird of a phenomenon to encounter in everyday life for a lot of couples. However, it’s still bizarre behavior if you sit and think about it.

4. Speak in a Made Up Language

Imagine if you’re lining up for coffee at your local cafe. And then, when it’s your turn to get to the counter, the barista starts speaking in a made-up language. It’s weird. Well, then why isn’t it weird for couples to speak in made-up languages to one another? You might hear a lot of couples out on dates who talk to one another with words that you don’t understand yourself. This is because they make these words up on their own. They have their secret language.

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