What Does It Mean When A Girl Says She’s Confused?

“Confused” can mean a lot of things. Let’s make sure that we are speaking about your love life. If you approach a girl, romantically, and she tells you that she’s confused, it can mean a lot of things. But generally, it means she can’t decide whether to keep you in her life or not, and a lot of reasons could cause that, and we’ll get to all of them in this answer.

If you ask a girl out and she says she’s confused, it could also be because she’s a little scared and will have a clear answer when her fears are gone. But it could also be because they don’t see a future with you.

What Does It Mean When A Person Say’s They’re Confused?

When A Girl Says She's Confused

Try your best to solve the confusion for them, try to explain your point of way in a very calm manner. Don’t be angry and don’t force them to talk to you. You need to give people their due process; they need their own time to decide whether they’re happy with you or not. It’s perfectly natural, and it’s entirely their personal decision. So the best thing for you to do is to respect their process and give them time to make up their minds.

How Do You Respond To “I Am Not Ready For A Relationship”?

Respond with respect and admiration. You need to appreciate the fact that they were honest with you, and then go on to find someone who would love you and care for you. Find someone you can share a life with; you can’t spend a life with someone who can’t imagine a life with you, someone who says they’re confused. The best you can do is give them time IF they ask for it. Otherwise, you should move on ahead with your own life and find your happiness.

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