What Happens to a Marriage When It’s Riddled with Lies & Deception?

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Marriage – a union of two souls, a beautiful yet challenging journey, a person’s biggest strength, or their worst fear. A marriage can have one of these two effects on your life – happiness or regret. We have a lot of good examples of happy marriages, and we also have a lot of toxic examples of some of the worst marriages.

It’s really something that depends on how two people decide to be with each other, both emotionally and physically – there are a lot of significant factors at play here. But one of the biggest problems of marriage is deception.

When Deception Comes In, Trust Runs Away

Trust is the most vital part of every relationship in life. Every friendship, family relationship, love, all of them rely on a solid foundation of trust. And if that bond of trust gets tainted or broken, the emotional integrity that was held together by the same trust will get shattered and broken in the process.

When deception occurs in a marriage, it breaks the marriage in more ways than one. It can be either one or both of the partners taking part in the deception, and once it starts, there’s sadly no going back. This article is meant for people who didn’t participate in the deception and were only on the receiving end.

What to Do When You’re in a Deceptive Marriage?

If you’ve been in a deceptive marriage, our deepest and most heartfelt apologies go out to you for suffering so much. It’s truly traumatizing when you do everything for your partner – give them your time, attention, emotions, life, and future plans, only to be left with nothing.

But, there’s also a bright side to this dark story – this isn’t the end for you; it’s just the beginning. The first thing you can try doing is to try and see if things can be fixed, because human beings are naturally meant to fix things. But if you’ve tried all you can without any progress, the next and most vital step is to thank life for showing you the truth and keep your heart safe.

Your emotions are important, more important than you can ever realize. And if they’re not being reciprocated and appreciated, you’re much better off without that toxic person.

You Deserve the Best

You deserve someone who understands you inside and out. All of us need one person who’s our own person, someone we can be weird with, someone we can be ourselves with, someone who would never judge us or make us feel weak – that’s the natural form of love that all of us yearn for.

Being in a toxic marriage doesn’t mean it’s the end of things for your future; your future holds things you can never comprehend. Be thankful, and walk away with your emotional integrity intact.

Have You Been in a Deceptive or Toxic Marriage?

If yes, share your story in the comments below.

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