Why do we stay in unhealthy relationships longer than we should?

I am a person who falls in love with everyone that I meet instantly, I decide the moment I meet a person how far I want to take it with them. I don’t have anger management issues and I have the ability to forgive and forget. I am sometimes taken for granted because of this, but what the heck, the moment was good while it lasted. I literally can block out and forget a memory if it hurts me too much. I have learnt to let go. It doesn’t matter who you are, I genuinely love the world and people around me. I am the type of person who cries happy tears when she sees someone immensely happy. If you are happy and smiling, I’d probably smile too.

Life hasn’t been easy for most of us. By the time we are ready for a steady and strong relationship, we have been through far too much already. We are strong and willing to fight for what we believe in. Don’t get me wrong, teenage love might have worked for some of you, it worked for me as well, but other people might not have experienced the bliss of love at that age. We might have made mistakes, some we have learnt from and others we regret to date.

We stay in unhealthy relationships because of the traumatic things we have experienced in our lives. It is because we believe in change while the other person might not want to change at all. Life is a cycle and what goes around sure does come around, well eventually. Do you remember the time when you didn’t know how to love? Then something happened which changed you forever. Maybe we might be that change for some people. Maybe when we finally give up, they will fall down so bad that they too will learn to love. *Continue reading onВ the next page*

People take the things they can get easily for granted: love, parents, siblings and friends. People who have experienced true loss hold on with everything they have when they are in a relationship. I am an extremist, I will either love a person till death do us part, or I will not even come close to them. The feelings in me have no grey lines, they are black or white.

1. We are Afraid of failure

We worry that an ending relationship might be because we are failures and that we may not be able to make ends meet with anything in life. We are afraid that it might mean that we aren’t good enough or it is us who may be at fault and we keep trying until we lose our own identity.

2. We are too afraid of people or the world finding out

Sometimes, we keep trying and pushing harder in a relationship because of the people we might affect if things come to an end. We need to understand that it isn’t a life or death situation, you should find the strength within yourself to make things right if they do go wrong. Make it up to people that might get affected with all the love you have in your heart. It will be very difficult at first, but trust me when I tell you that there are beaches, sunbaths and a beautiful golden tan at the end of every winter.В *Continue reading onВ the next page*

3. Because you believe

You believe that they will change and that you can correct their ways. You believe that people will be willing to commit, to dedicate and give it their all just the way you did. You are silly enough to believe that the world works and thinks the way you do and you hold to the rope till your hands are burnt. But you lose little parts of you somewhere along the way. Listen, you need to know that no matter how hard you try, some people and things will never change.

Remember how you have done each and everything that you possibly could to make a relationship better; it’s your time that you transitioned and moved on. Never say that it wasn’t worth it, because with every bad experience, you became stronger. You learnt a little more about yourself and about life. It is never too late, you just have to look around; you will always have something new to walk into. You are the butterfly waiting to flap its wings and take its first flight. The life of a caterpillar is never easy; remember, if there is no caterpillar, there will be no butterfly to spread its beauty throughout the world.

Talk to me

Are you holding on to a broken relationship? Why do you think you find it so hard to let go? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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