Why The Person Who Broke Your Heart Cannot Heal You?

Your heart broke. The most terrible thing to happen to a person is heartbreak. Reasons are mainly betrayal and infidelity. There can beВ someВ other reasons also, like your partner has chosen his/her career over you, they don’t want to stay with you due to your financial issues, your partner has a totally different perspective on life.

There can be a number of reasons for which people leave their partners. Those who are left behind are the ones who suffer a lot. No matter how many explanations and reasoning is given to you, nothing can minimise your heartache that resulted from this breakup.

A person with a broken heart goes through emotional and psychological traumas and it takes a lot of time to overcome the excruciating pain of a heartbreak. Once the damage is done, it’s done and nothing can ever mend your heart like it was before.

When ˜your love’ breaks your heart, you can never revert to be the same person ever again. You are the one whose:

  • trust has been broken
  • been cheated-on
  • dreams have shattered
  • future life seems bleak
  • self-worth has been jeopardised
  • heart is broken
  • life has lost its meaning
  • belief in love is badly shaken

When you lose the love of your life, you lose a part of yourself. The emptiness that is created with the deception, rejection and heartbreak will stay there for very long. But you need to move on. The way back to normal life is even more painful at times. You need to patch your heart up and try to move on gradually.

Recovering from a heartbreak is certainly one of the most painful experience. Healing requires re-building your trust and self-respect. During this phase of recovering, we crave for someone who can save us from all this pain. We just want to hide in the arms of someone, and unfortunately most of the time that ˜someone’ we are thinking of is our Ex.

I would say a total ˜No’ to this thought. Going back to your Ex for healing you is definitely not a good idea.

The Person who has deceived you can never help you rebuild your trust

Your Ex has already broken your trust. He or she has left you in a miserable state. Your partner’s unfaithfulness has caused you enough pain and trauma already. How can you expect such a person to re-build your trust in love and in relationships?

Never ever think of going back to that person who has betrayed you already. They have all the capability of betraying and deceiving you again and again. Why put yourself in a vulnerable position again?

Your Ex didn’t value you in the past. How can he/she now?

What’s the guarantee that the person who has already left you for whatever reasons will not repeat it again?

"She has changed.’" Or "He is altogether a new person now.’"

If you are made delusional by these thoughts then I must say clear your head from all the misconceptions. A person who has not valued you, your love and your relationship in the past, he/she is not going to give a damn in future as well. If they have ever loved you they would have respected you and valued your worth in the first place.

You will lose your self-esteem

Going back to your Ex and asking them to help you recover is like begging them for mercy and love. Don’t do this to yourself. You will completely lose your self-esteem. Whether they accept to take you back or reject you all over again, in both the cases, your self-worth and self-esteem will be completely damaged.

Believe me, there will be a time when you will curse yourself and regret your decision of going back to the person who has disgraced you already.


Instead of expecting someone else to come and heal you, you should try to stand on your own. Whether it’s your Ex or a new love in your life, no one can heal you completely. Only you can fill the emptiness inside you. Feel the power inside you to heal yourself.

Whenever you feel depressed and down with grief, remind yourself that you don’t need anyone or anything to make you happy. Try being your own healer and saviour. No one can do it better than YOU.

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