Woman Slammed for Getting Hair and Makeup Done Moments before Going into Labor

A young American mom was slammed on TikTok after she revealed that she got her hair and makeup done moments before going into labor.

In 2020, Carly Temple, a young mom from Mississippi, gave birth to her second child.

Carly wished to look her best while giving birth to her second baby, so she decided to give herself a full makeover and do her hair in the hospital labor room.

“Sharing behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok, the mum brought a whole stash of beauty supplies to the ward and can be seen curling her hair while in the hospital bed,” per Daily Mail.

She got the whole thing recorded on her phone, which she later shared on TikTok. Carly’s video went viral and amassed 772K views on the platform.

The video included Carly’s selfie in which she showed off her full glam look while she was ‘4CM’ dilated.

Another shot showed someone touching up her hair before she went into a 17-hour-long labor.

“I really gave birth like this,” she wrote on TikTok.

Carly’s TikTok video attracted many negative comments from people who thought she was too extra and crazy for doing her makeup and hair before giving birth to a child.

“When you care more about your vanity than child,” one person commented in her video.

“And I’ll be lucky if my legs are shaved,” a second person added while a third asked her, “why so extra?”

“Makeup was the LAST thing on my mind when I was in labour,” said another.

“I thought she was Kylie Jenner,” someone commented.

Amid the backlash, many also defended the mother and said it’s totally okay to do your makeup before delivery if the mother felt like doing it.

“YOUR MAKEUP IS SOOOO GOOOD!!!! Congrats mamas,” said one.

“yall act like labor aint a thing and the baby just pops right out, let her do her makeup Jesus Christ,” another said.

“I think if I had something to focus on other than whatever was playing on tv I would have had a much easier time laboring this is awesome,” another added.

“Why y’all worried about her doing her makeup. That may be a really relaxful way of dealing with labor. Self care, y’all,” commented another.

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Source: TikTok

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  1. You are gorgeous and did an excellent job while going through a hard time. My props to you! You are the one in labor, always do you! It looks like you were healthy and happy also, you should be proud of yourself. You are beautiful!

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