Women Are Wearing Baggy Subway Shirts Over Outfits to Deter Creepy Men

It’s almost summer season in NYC, which means no more jackets, coats, and full-sleeve t-shirts. As the New Yorkers gear up to bare their arms, legs, and abs, many women are using a defense item to prevent unwanted attention from creeps and weirdos – a subway shirt.

Multiple women came forward to make it a new trend on social media and let other women know they could also put on a subway shirt, alternatively known as the modest layering or outfit dampener, so they won’t get creepy stares from random men on trains and other unsafe public spots.

One woman, Rae Hersey, took to her TikTok and shared a clip on how she keeps herself safe in the city.


Just know if you see me in a white button down, the real fit is underneath 💅🏼 #subwayshirt #nyc

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“Just know if you see me in a white button down, the real fit is underneath,” the TikToker captioned her video, which has been viewed by over 680K people on the platform.

The 10-second clip showed Rae sitting in a coffee shop and removing her layers, including her raincoat and a subway shirt, before finally revealing her chic outfit.

“When you arrive at your destination and can take off your “subway shirt,’” the text on her video read.

Rae’s clip was liked by over 80,000 people and received hundreds of comment from other women and young girls who applauded the idea and said they would do the same.

“forgot to button my subway shirt for the first time this week n a man videoed me while i wasn’t looking,” one woman shared her experience.

“fashion safety layer,” a second said. Meanwhile, a third added, “sad but necessary.”

“I was today years old when I found out subway shirts were a thing and this makes me so sad,” someone wrote.

“I call it my “summer jacket” any thin fabric large garment to cover my figure until I’m safely inside,” said another.

“Reminds me of high school when I would go out with friends and wear something over my skimpy outfit so my parents wouldn’t tell me to change,” another commented.

Hersey is not the only woman who addressed the issue and advised fellow women to wear something baggy over their outfits to feel safe on public transport. Another content creator, @fionaylin did the same and reminded her followers to wear a coat or a baggy shirt over their skimpy fits according to the weather.

“Now that it’s finally getting warmer in New York, this is your reminder to always wear a subway shirt/jacket over your cute outfit to protect yourself,” she wrote on her clip.

Another woman, Grace, also uploaded a video on her TikTok account, @ideal.grace, and urged fellow women to wear oversized shirts on public transport to deter the creeps.

“It’s 85F in NYC so ladies don’t forget to bring your subway shirt!” she wrote. “Otherwise known as an outfit dampener, it’s an oversized shirt we wear over our cute outfits so strange men don’t bother you on the train.”

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