8 signs you're in a sincere relationship

Yousra Nasir Posted 3 years ago
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In my humble opinion, one of the few things of paramount importance in any man's character include sincerity. Not just to people, but to your chosen career, your goals, the zeal with which you endeavour to achieve those goals, your ethics, your family, and basically everything of import you set yourself out to do. There is little purpose in doing things halfway. Similarly, you can't play both sides. Sincerity is not coloured in shades of grey. It is the key to building healthy, lasting and trustworthy relationships. And when your sincerity and devotion are reciprocated, it makes all the effort that goes into a relationship worthwhile. So, without further ceremony, let me introduce you to the 8 signs that confirm you are in a sincere relationship.

1. Good communication

This is one of the most talked about things for any relationship, and yet, it is still sadly lacking in several relationships that we know or are a part of. If there could be one cardinal rule for a relationship, it would be communication. Whether it has been six months to your relationship or 15 years, communication is a major aspect of what keeps the relationship alive and kicking. When people stop communicating, relationships grow stagnant, and gradually die. They say assumptions are the termites of relationships. They're right. In a sincere relationship, partners don't continuously assume. Sure, with time people develop their own silent methods of communication, not unlike familiar body language, but your partner's insight does not always extend to the inner workings of your mind, and sincere couples know that it is always healthier to express and ask. I feel it prudent to quote Dostoyevsky here; "Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid."