10 Exciting Things That Happen When You Finally Date The Right Person

5. You feel a sense of safety and security every time they look into your eyes.

Whenever you have them look at you in the eyes, you feel an immense sense of safety and security. Somehow, you get the feeling that this person is never going to do you wrong even though you can’t really explain why that might be the case.

6. You no longer find the cheesy parts of a relationship… cheesy.

You used to scoff at all of the “cheesy” and “corny” stuff that couples would do. You used to say that you would never be guilty of such cheesiness. However, with this relationship, in particular, all of the cheesy stuff seems to come naturally to you.

7. You admit your love for one another for the first time and it isn’t awkward at all.

You admit your love for your partner for the very first time. You are very nervous at first but then when you let the words out of your mouth, there is very little fear or awkwardness. You know that everything you said felt right to say. And you don’t regret any of it.

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