10 Exciting Things That Happen When You Finally Date The Right Person

8. You start talking about the future that you’re going to share together.

And once you’ve both admitted your love for one another, you start to talk about the prospect of sharing a future together as a couple. You start dreaming and finding ways to manifest your love into real life. You are both invested in really making this relationship last.

9. You go through a bad day but you’re happy to see them at the end of it.

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And even though you still have your bad days, you know that you’re going to find happiness and fulfillment at the end of it just by looking at the person you love in the face.

10. You no longer see yourself in life without this person anymore.

Everything that you do in life is going to be done with the two of you in mind. You are never going to make any decisions on your own anymore. You always take your partner into consideration whenever you make plans. You always consult them whenever you have difficult choices that you need to make.

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