10 Signs That You’re In A True Friendship

You might have thousands of Facebook friends but does that really mean that all of these people care about you? You have to know that real friendships are built on mutual trust and respect. A real friendship is one that is built on a common bond and an intimate connection. It’s very easy for you to connect with people in an instant. But does it mean that you’re already true friends with one another? What does it constitute to be a true and genuine friend?

Be also very wary of the friends who you think are reliable and dependable. You might think that you are really able to depend on them to be there for you always but they wouldn’t really show up once you call for them. You never want to be relying on flaky people who are only two-faced and fake. Studies have already shown that even though people can have thousands of Facebook friends, they typically only have a very few friends they have intimate relationships with.

Here are a few signs that someone is your true friend.

1. They make you feel accepted in spite of your flaws.

They always make you feel like you’re accepted despite the fact that you’re flawed. They never make you feel judged. They never make you feel like you’re less of a person just because you make a few mistakes every now and then. They never try to feed into your insecurities.

2. They stay with you even through the bad times.

They will always make an effort to stay with you in spite of the hardships that you might go through. They will never want to make you feel like you’re going to be alone to face the toughest challenges in your life. They will never make you feel like you are ever on your own.

3. They express genuine happiness and joy for your success.

They really express genuine happiness for you whenever you find success in your life. They are always cheering for you. And they are always rooting for you. They are always going to wish the best for you. They will find a lot of happiness in your personal achievements in life.

4.  You feel comfortable with them knowing things about you that others don’t.

You feel so comfortable with just opening yourself up to them. You always allow yourself to just completely bare your true and genuine self because you know that they aren’t going to make you feel judged or discriminated against. You are okay with letting them know your deepest and darkest secrets.

5. They try their best to meet you halfway.

They always try their best to meet you halfway and compromise with you. They would never make you feel like you’re the only one who is exerting all of the efforts into the friendship. They will always want you to feel like you have a genuine partner in your relationship.

6. They add positive energy to your life.

You always want to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who will bring a lot of positive energy into your life. You don’t have the time to be entertaining those who are only negative and pessimistic. That’s why you can count on your true friends to always bring a sense of positivity to your life.

7.  They always stay honest with you about everything.

You know that a person is your true friend when they always make it a point of being honest with you. It’s always a special kind of friendship when you establish a sense of openness and transparency with one another. They always tell you the truth because they know that you are deserving of it. They also tell you anything that you need to hear even when they know that it would hurt you.

8. They stay patient with you even when you screw up.

They are always so patient and understanding of the times that you screw up and don’t come through for them. They always make sure that you don’t feel judged. They always make sure that you don’t feel too bad about dropping the ball on them in the friendship occasionally.

9.  They never badmouth you behind your back.

They would NEVER speak ill of you behind your back. You know that they would never badmouth you to other people. You can always count on this true friend of yours to only speak positively of you when you aren’t around to defend yourself.

10. They don’t get jealous of you having other friends.

They don’t control you with how you spend your time. They don’t act jealous whenever you develop close and intimate friendships with other people. They are always supportive of you gathering more perspective by meeting new people as you make your way through life.

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