10 Things About Relationships You Should Know In Your 20’s

The 20’s are a magnificent era of a person’s life.

The 20’s are a magnificent era of a person’s life. Your 20’s are there for you to acquaint yourself with the real world. You are thrust into a society that expects you to know how to act like an adult even when you really know nothing at all. And naturally, your 20’s is your opportunity to essentially start building a foundation for your adult life. You are left on your own and you have to fend for yourself. What an exciting time to be alive!

As mentioned, your 20’s should be a time wherein you really start establishing a foundation for yourself including a foundation for your future love life. This is the age wherein you will probably get to meet lots of different kinds of people. You will experiment with so many different kinds of relationships. You will be successful or you may not. You just have to make sure that you are going about your pursuit for love with a very healthy perspective. What’s important is that you approach relationships in your 20s while keeping all of these things in mind.

1. Always choose to date someone who understands the importance of communication.

Communication is always going to be an inherently integral aspect of any romantic relationship. You can’t expect to ever be able to sustain a relationship with anyone who just refuses to communicate with you in a healthy manner. So you should only ever really be entertaining people who don’t shy away from communicating with you.

2. Stop trying to come off as if you’re cold and distant.

If you’re interested in someone, then don’t be afraid to let them know about it. There are just too many people these days who think that the game is all about playing it cool. First of all, love isn’t a game. And second, playing things cool just doesn’t work anymore. People appreciate those who are forward and upfront about their intetions.

3. Be upfront about your personal expectations of the relationship.

Be as transparent as possible to your partner about your expectations in a relationship. This way, you can both audibly communicate your needs to one another and you both know where the other stands.

4. Only entertain people who are also willing to entertain you in return.

It’s okay to chase after the people you want. But it also gets to a point where you should really stop chasing after people who would never be willing to do the same for you. You can’t waste too much time going after relationships that have no shot at coming to life.

5. Never be in a relationship that forces you to be someone you’re not.

You should never feel compelled to change who you are just because you get into a relationship with someone. When you fall in love, you should understand that it’s important for your partner to fall in love with the real you not some idealized version of you that you’re not comfortable living up to.

6. Relationships aren’t going to be easy, but they shouldn’t be so hard either.

Love was never designed to be easy. But it’s also not designed to be so difficult. It’s all a matter of being able to find the right person with whom you would be willing to endure all of the struggles and difficulties with.

7. Make sure to never rush through the stages of a relationship.

Love is a tedious and meticulous process. Some people claim that the fall in love at first sight. Not to say that that’s totally impossible but it’s another story entirely to be able to sustain a love. Sustaining a love means taking a patient and methodical approach to casually building on your emotional connection with one another.

8. Be very honest to one another about your sexual needs.

Sex might be such a taboo topic for a lot of people but it really shouldn’t. Even early on in a relationship, it’s important for the both of you to be on the same page as far as your sexual needs and boundaries are concerned.

9. Heartbreak is going to hurt even more than you could imagine.

You’ve been warned. Heartbreak isn’t something easy to recover from. When you really fall in love with someone and you emotionally invest yourself in this person, it’s not going to go well for you if things don’t end up working out. You will be devastated but this devastation is always part of the learning process. Love is always going to be a risk.

10. It’s all a matter of trial and error.

You are going to win some and you’re going to lose some. In reality, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get love right the first time or the second and third time. But you just have to make sure that you keep on learning from whatever romantic mistakes you might make in your relationship and allow these lessons to help you grow.

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