10 things all couples do that seem weird

We all know of that stage at the outset of a relationship where everything seems wondrous and magical. The level of excitement is somewhere near that of a fangirl’s when meeting her idol in public. Everything your partner does seems gloriously beautiful, and you cannot get enough. You may even endeavor to put your best foot forward, even if that means not telling those pet peeves that you may feel turn out to be deal-breakers for the other one.

But what happens after some time has elapsed, and you begin to get comfortable with each other? As your relationship progresses for the better, your sense of security and comfort in the relationship begins to show. You may appear bizarre to the world, but you usually don’t care. You’re happy. And that’s all that is significant to you. So, let us review some of those apparently bizarre things all couples do, shall we?

1. Your conversations can be boring

So, you have your magical period as you get to know each other, and each day seems like a scene from Before Sunrise. You talk about life, love, death, the universe, your mere existence, yourselves, what you mean to one another, your hopes, your dreams, your fears, your fantasies. I could go on. There is no end to the fascinating dialogue that enthralls a new couple. But as you grow into your relationship, you realize that not every exchange can be charmingly riveting. And your topics of conversation often turn towards the most mundane. The coffee you had on your way to work, the creepy guy you pass by on the sidewalk each day, your obnoxious colleague and her blunt remarks, and so forth.

2. Inside jokes

Couples have all kinds of inside jokes. It could be one hilarious episode of ‘Friends’ you watched together and recall at odd moments. It could be some absurdly entertaining incident that occurred eons ago, but to this day manages to entertain you each time you are reminded of it. And when these inside jokes are shared between the two of you in the company of others, you are subjected to funny looks. But you don’t think you are outlandish. People just don’t get you two.

3. You dress similar

So, here’s the thing. Teenage girls may love to dress similar on a particular chosen day, but guess what? They aren’t alone. It wasn’t just the Mean Girls foursome who decided that “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Couples may not nominate a certain day each week for color coordinating their outfits, but they sure do it an incredible lot. And it’s not like it’s entirely unheard of. Brad and Angelina at the 2014 BAFTA awards, anyone?

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