10 Things Your First Mature Relationship Teaches You

1. You learn what it really means to have someone who cares about your safety without acting overprotective. When you really fall in love with someone, he is going to want to protect you at all costs; but he also understands the value of giving you your freedom. And sometimes, freedom can come at a price. He’s going to let you make your own mistakes, but he’s always going to make sure that he will be there to help pick you up if you fall.

2.You now understand what it feels like to be challenged by someone you are deeply in love with. And it’s not really a matter of you trying to outdo one another. It’s not like whenever you get a promotion at work, he’s going to act jealous and insecure about his own career. It doesn’t work like that. Real love is when the two of you are happy for each other’s successes; and you are both inspired to do more and be more in your own personal lives.

3.You finally learn what it means to apologize to another person – and how that doesn’t necessarily mean you having to admit defeat to something. Sometimes, things can get lost in translation especially in the heat of an argument where emotions are running high. And you might be correct in everything that you say during your disagreement – but you also understand the value of being able to humble yourself for the sake of your relationship.

4.You understand what it means to have things just feel completely natural and organic in a relationship. Sure; you know that relationships are always going to be a struggle. You know that you always have to fight hard for your relationships. But you also know that relationships shouldn’t always have to be so overcomplicated. You know what it means to have a relationship with a person you don’t have to try too hard with – because he’s going to try his best to make things feel easy.

5.You really want to look good for your partner. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re unwilling to put forth the effort for your partner. But you also know that even when you’re not necessarily looking your best, your partner would still be in love with you. You know that no matter what clothes you wear or whether or not you’ve got makeup on, your man is still going to love you the same way.

6.You don’t care about hiding much of your life to him because you feel like you have nothing to hide. You know that you can be revealing your true self with him because he isn’t going to judge you for being who you are. He isn’t going to make you feel like his love for you is dependent on how you conduct yourself or how you act. He’s always going to make it seem like you can feel comfortable with expressing yourself however you see fit. He would never make you think that he’s going to use what you say against you. This is what it means to feel safe in another human being.

7.Maybe in previous toxic and immature relationships, you always felt compelled to know about the doings and the whereabouts of your partner. But now that you’re in a mature relationship, you now understand that it’s not necessary for you to always be keeping tabs on one another. You don’t have to micromanage each other’s lives. You are always confident enough in your relationship to trust one another – so you just let each other be with minimal surveillance.

8.You understand what it really means to make a willing compromise for the sake of another person. You now know what it means to find happiness in being selfless; in putting another person’s needs above your own. You now discover why it’s important for you to not always be thinking about just yourself. You now understand why it’s always important for you to be thinking of your partner’s needs – and how you have to be willing to adjust as well. You can’t just be getting everything that you want anymore – and you’ve grown to become okay with it.

9.You now know what it means to not hold a person’s past against them. You know that your partner might have had a past that you wouldn’t necessarily be fond of – and that’s okay. You are more interested in who your partner is today; and everything that he is doing for his future. For you, the past becomes something that doesn’t matter as much in the greater scheme of things.

10. And lastly, when you finally get into a real mature relationship, you get excited by the little things just as much as the big and grand stuff. You know that a bulk of what makes relationships great is in the details – and you live for even the simplest aspects of your relationship.

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