11 Signs Your Man Is Going To Leave You

Be mindful of the warnings.

9. He no longer discusses future plans with you.


He doesn’t want to discuss future plans with you because he doesn’t really see a future with you at all. This is bad especially when you’re really expecting your relationship to last for a long time.

10. You stop talking to one another about deep things.

If there is a decline in the quality of your conversations, then that is also a sign that things aren’t going so great in the relationship. Yes, there is always room for some small talk within a relationship, but most conversations should actually take on some depth and meaning.

11. You both refuse to make substantial compromises for the sake of your relationship.

And lastly, if you just refuse to make compromises for each other, then you are essentially dooming your relationship. You are just letting your partner know that you don’t care about what they want or how they feel and that you would never be willing to compromise or sacrifice for the sake of the relationship.

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