11 Things He Says To You Which Mean He’s A Great Catch

Don’t let him go.

Relationships are so difficult. We try our absolute best to land ourselves in relationships with people who we have a legitimate chance at having a long-term romance with. We first establish a kind of spark and hopefully over time, the connection builds up into something special. However, there is just no escaping the occasional bouts with insecurity along the way. When we get into relationships with people we become emotionally invested in, there is a certain fear there. That fear can be there because we’re afraid of losing what we have. Or it might be a fear brought about by the possibility that we’re settling for a relationship that just isn’t meant for us after all.  

And that’s why communication in a relationship is very important. It is absolutely essential for couples to always maintain healthy lines of communication to help build a better connection with one another. It’s only through proper communication where couples can really establish and build a connection with each other. And it’s that connection that enables relationships to last for long periods of time. It’s that connection that helps couples endure any troubles, worries, or problems that they might encounter on their romantic journey together.

So that’s why it’s never good to just downplay the words and language that you use with your partner. Behind every word and sentence is a carefully constructed idea that you want to be able to convey to your partner.

While men typically aren’t as expressive as women when it comes to their feelings, you still have to be able to pay attention to what your man is saying. He might not be saying too much, but if you learn to read between the lines, you will be able to accurately tell just how much your man loves you. And if your man is saying these 15 things on a consistent basis to you, then he’s a real catch and you shouldn’t let him go.

1. I think that you’re beautiful both on the inside and out.

He loves you and he wants you to know that his love for you is not merely bound by how you look. He is also captivated with who you are as a person.

2. I love it whenever I can make you smile.

He finds a great joy in being able to make you happy. Never underestimate the value of being in a relationship with a guy who actually finds happiness in your own happiness as well.

3. This is what I really think about it.

Really learn to appreciate a man who is going to be honest with you about what he thinks and how he feels. He might not want to express himself all too often. But when he does, at least you can be sure that he’s telling his truth.

4. What do you feel about it?

And aside from being able to honestly express himself, you should really value a man who is a willing listener. He values your thoughts and opinions as much as he values his own.

5. I’m here to support you no matter what.

A supportive man who is going to be there for you through thick and thin is always a man who is worth holding on to. He is someone who you can rely on to be there for you no matter how tough things might get.

6. I’m very sorry.

Be very thankful that you have a partner who is humble enough to apologize and admit when he’s wrong. Too much pride can kill romance and intimacy in any relationship. So be happy that you have a guy who is willing to swallow his pride for your love.

7. How was your day like?

This is a guy who genuinely wants to find out as much as he can about your life. And when he asks you how your day was like, it’s because he really wants to know.

8. You are looking really fine!

Appreciate a man who isn’t afraid of throwing a nice compliment your way every once in a while. He doesn’t love you just for how you look, but it’s nice to be reminded of his physical attraction for you every once so often.

9. What do you want for dinner?

A man who cooks is a great man to be with. A man who cooks what you love is a man who is definitely worth keeping.

10. I know that you can do this.

Always try to find a man who is going to genuinely believe in you. This is a man who trusts that you have what it takes to make it in life to actually reach for your goals with all your might.

11. Let me take care of this for you.

And when you find yourself feeling a little incapable, he will be there to help pick up after you. He will be there to help clean your messes. He will be there to help you back on your feet and pick up the slack on your behalf. 

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